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#0934: He Could Be Driving Without Pants!

Original Air Date: 08.22.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Beth in South Carolina is mortified by her father's "burping" technique at the gas pump. She's determined to get him to stop, but has she fully considered the possibility that he'll turn to an even more embarrassing driving habit? Meanwhile in Ohio, two bird incidents turn mild-mannered Doctor Howard's BMW into a "Noah's Ark of Pestilence", and saving it will require either a strong stomach, or a strong wallet. Also, a Saturn develops a need for Xanax, Reggie in Virginia considers dumping his Town Car after a mere 430,000 miles, and a Bedford truck driveshaft makes a fortuitous appearance in the desert. All this, plus the proper brownie-to-mechanic ratio, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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No new puzzler-- the puzzler continues on vacation. Instead, Tom and Ray offer some male-to-female translations.

Last Week's Puzzler

No puzzler answer. The puzzler was on vacation last week. Instead, Tom and Ray consider the proper brownie-to-mechanic ratio.

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Road trips from Hell, from our listeners.

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Show Review - 941

by Anonymous

A Cadillac DTS?? What were you thinking??

by Anonymous

I can't believe you guys recommended that Regi from Virginia replace his four-hundred-and-something mile Town Car with a Cadillac DTS. I've driven both cars ('06 Town Car and '07 DTS) and compared to the Town Car, a DTS is about as comfortable as having your eyeballs removed. The only real substitute for a Town Car is another Town Car, or if you are really desperate, a Crown Vic or Grand Marquis. Love the show!!

Favorite Moment: Burping the Echo (with no pants on)


by kdphnl

The guys' hearts didn't seem to be in this episode.

Driving without pants.

by scadgrad90

I couldn't stop laughing this week. Great episode!

Favorite Moment: Burping the car.

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