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#0933: A Walking, Talking Environmental Disaster

Original Air Date: 08.15.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Park Ranger Brad is in love with his BMW convertible. His wife Robyn? Not so much. Apparently it's "gushing" oil, and Brad seems to feel no urgency to make it stop. Is a Click and Clack intervention on the way? Also, two cars begging for "Cash for Clunker" status: Eric's 1996 Geo that won't stop, and Katie's '94 Escort that's shaking and recently bid farewell to 5th gear. And, paging Honda of Tbilisi! Kirsten (formerly of Kosovo) is headed to the Republic of Georgia for two years with her CRV, and is wondering what spare parts to bring with her. How about just bringing a spare car? All this, plus a test to fit the right person to the right job, some laws Murphy didn't get around to, and an indelicate question helps settle a clutch dispute, this week on Car Talk.

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The puzzler continues his blissful summer vacation.

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A human resources test, to fit the right person to the right job.

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Show Review - 940

by Anonymous

Brad the Park Ranger

by hungrysquirrel

Hey I think you humorously added a socially responsible message to listeners...fix your oil leaks to keep our planet healthy!

Favorite Moment: Yeah...yeah...yeah...fix the leak!

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