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#0931: The Car Talk Ventriloquism Fraud

Original Air Date: 08.01.2009

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, are Tom and Ray nothing more than a pair of dummies? Before you say, "Duh!", we're talking about ventriloquist dummies. Tune in, as one listener makes his case. Meanwhile, in matters automotive, Sue in Pennsylvania is wondering whether surgery will enable her husband to fit into their hand-me-down Dodge Shadow-- only, we're not sure if it's surgery on the car, or her husband; Jann in Little Rock is looking for a new ride that won't make her dog carsick and needs a way to sneak Fido in for a test-drive; and Jeff in Lincoln, Nebraska's looking for a graceful exit from his promise to become a licensed driver. All this, plus the lowdown on the first (and last) Mechanics' Fantasy Camp, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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Tom and Ray discuss Mechanic's Fantasy Camp.

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Show Review - 924

by Anonymous

Show Review - 925

by Anonymous

Show Review - 1357

by digitals

great show

by digitals

last part of show is misssing

Give New advice to New Smyrna!

by Anonymous

The Dr. needs to be HONEST with his neighbor! The guy BURNED himself changing the oil the wrong?long way! The mechanic will appreciate the truth-the Dr. has been changing his own oil and could say I don't know if I've been doing this right but a Toyota Mechanic told me to remove the plate and take of the 4 bolts...BLAH,BLAH,BLAH. There are probably a few ways to do this but that seemed to work for me. He should be able to think of a tactful way to impart the info. without offending! If he can't come up with a better scenario, tell him to ask his wife! For heavens sake don't let things go on or every time he changes the oil, the Dr. will be spending time doing wound care. Then a friend of the mechanic who listens to the show will remember the call, his friend who bartere with his neighbor the Dr. and the taped show could be used as evidence in a law suit. Then the Dr. will be changing his own oil and the oil for others at his 2nd job to help pay the fees to the Lawyers!!! Tell the Dr. to TALK to his neighbor!!!Thanks, Patty

Car Sick Dog

by entropae

I would like to make another vehicle recommendation for Jann from Little Rock who wanted to find a vehicle to transport her 77# part-Lab who had a tendency to be car sick. The Honda Element would also be a good option. I got mine in 2003 after I heard T&R recommend it to a teacher on a Car Talk episode. They said the only drawback was that it looked like a bread truck and I knew I had to have one, sight unseen. I still love mine after 6 years. I describe it as the perfect vehicle for people who have kids, dogs, or do gardening because of its washability.

Favorite Moment: Voices not matching images :)

great show

by digitals

last part of show is misssing

Voice and body shape

by Kenny

It is absoultely correct. Wneh I saw the PBS special a while back I absolutely could not reconsile the voice with the speaker. It was so dissonant I had to watch the show a second time to actually pay attention to what was said.

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