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#0930: Bernsteining the Clutch

Original Air Date: 07.25.2009

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, the son of music legend Leonard Bernstein earns his own place in least when it comes to "somewhat wacko but probably harmless driving techniques." Also, a voice from Tommy's past seeks help with a check engine light that's been on for a mere 75,000 miles or so. Meanwhile, Julie in Washington wonders whether she should 'fess up to her husband about the fender bender she had with a "car that wasn't there." And, Sara in Ohio poses a new twist to an age old question, when she asks, "Why did the chicken go for a ride?" All this, plus a few slightly disturbing quotes for your next elevator ride, this week on Car Talk.

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The puzzler continues his summer vacation, this week.

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Show Review - 917


It seems each caller is trying to outdo the previous caller as rspects how off-the-wall the question is.

Show Review - 922


My Review

by mbarkan4

I liked hearing all about Edna, the chicken, wandering around the church parking lot and Al Bernstein's double-clutching story, AGAIN. When are youse guys done goofing off and getting back to doing an actual radio show? BTW: For 'Stump the Chumps' perhaps you could call Edna's mom and find out just what the chicken's technique was for reaching that roost under the hood. Or if Edna did fall into the fan, you could find out if the chicken salad they made was any good.

Patrick Henry

by On the road 24x7

Wendy's call about trading "down" from a Toyota Sierra to a Jeep Liberty as well as the "Midlife Chrysler" were the best and funniest parts of any of the segments my wife and I have ever heard on your show. She was naturally funny without trying to be (as we have found some "cutsey" female attempting to be). She should buy the car and her and her two boys should enjoy the car and go out West and begin four wheeling--not on her neighbor's lawns.

Favorite Moment: The two I mentioned above--the Midlife Chrysler and naming the Jeep Liberty--Patrick Henry--Give me Liberty or give me death!

Italian Fun

by Freight_Train

I heard your show foe the first time today, Saturday . 7/2/09. I at first thought it was noise and was about to turn the station but getting around some work I was forced to hear another minute and that minute slowed me down. The next minute slowed me down to a crawl and the next made me a fan for good. With everything going on and on my mind right now the last thing to occur was a smile and I didn't. I laughed uproariously and enjoyed every minute of it. In particular was the interview of Alexander Bernstein. He sounded like a kid though I know he is not. I wish you and he every success. Train

Favorite Moment: Alexander Bernstein

Da PV 544 Amazon

by Freight_Train

Ya! I forgot. I owned that model back in 1964 and loved it. Back then they called it the 11 year car. Train

Most Entertaining Call Ever - Alexander B.

by Anonymous

It was very deft how Alexander dropped his father's name, and where it went after that was totally fun and funny.

Ye Olde Volvo shop

by sameshirt

Great, show, as always. As a long time Volvo owner and appreciator of classic Swedish vehicles, as well as living in Northern Illinois, may I suggest Ben's Volvo Repair in Libertyville, IL to your caller with the mid life crisis sight unseen P544. Ben's Volvo Repair 178 Peterson Rd Libertyville, IL 847-367-0016 Top notch guys there, personal service, and have always taken care of my and my volvo's, no matter how crappy they were.


by stewsafe

As a former school bus driver who HAD to double-clutch I enjoyed the segment with "Al"/"Alex"/Alexander but something said by either Tom or Ray about Berstein writing the lyrics to West Side Story...... not the case. He wrote the music but the lyrics were from the great Stephen SONDHEIM.

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