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#0929: Happy Birthday, Grammy!

Original Air Date: 07.18.2009

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Only in the Magliozzi universe could a family birthday dinner turn into a case of grand larceny. This week's encore edition of Car Talk features the sad yet hilarious tale of Grammy's misdirected birthday cake. Elsewhere, sensible minivan mom Wendy has developed a crush on a Jeep Liberty. She's so far gone, she's already thought of a name for it. Meanwhile, two auto-familial disputes seeking adjudication: first, James and his dad's argument over how fast he can drive their '38 Dodge cross-country, and later, Colleen's cry of "boooogus!" to her father's insistence that only he can break in new brakes. All this, plus the most obfuscated puzzler ever, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The puzzler continues his summer vacation this week.

Last Week's Puzzler

The puzzler continues his summer vacation this week. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Happy Birthday, Grammy! Ray shares a story about accidentally eating one old lady's birthday cake.

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almost a winner

by freddiearm

blew the answer for the honda and the increasing oil has a bad vacuum moduel in the trans.I had the same problem on my bronco.

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