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#0928: A Plaque or a Punch in the Nose?

Original Air Date: 07.11.2009

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, Steve in Rochester is unsure how to thank the mechanic who un-reclined his stuck driver's seat in 12 seconds-- and for a charge of 25 bucks, no less. Meanwhile, 3,000 miles away, another Steven found himself on the receiving end of a dope slap for driving his Isuzu across a stream. Now, he's worried that water may be wreaking havoc on his engine. Also, a couple searches for the perfect "off the grid" vehicle for their new dream home on Lasqueti Island, a Toyota mimics Maurice Chevalier, and Tommy unleashes a torrent of truly painful puns. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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No new puzzler-- the puzzler is on summer vacation. Find out!

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No puzzler answer-- the puzzler is on summer vacation. Find out!

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Advice for Americans traveling in France.

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Harmony Brown

by jreylcsw

My first day of a summer job age 17 delivering auto parts to local shops, I too crept into the back of another car when I swore my foot was on the brake. Since then, easy. PUT IT IN PARK if you are going to mess with a kid or check your delivery schedule!

the wack jobs return

by Anonymous

its always fun to hear two brother's that have great chemistry and get each other laughing constantly

Favorite Moment: the whole show

Advice for Americans Traveling to France

This should clear a few things up.

Bad Puns

Lots of very bad puns, to be honest!

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