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#0928: A Plaque or a Punch in the Nose?

Original Air Date: 07.11.2009

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, Steve in Rochester is unsure how to thank the mechanic who un-reclined his stuck driver's seat in 12 seconds-- and for a charge of 25 bucks, no less. Meanwhile, 3,000 miles away, another Steven found himself on the receiving end of a dope slap for driving his Isuzu across a stream. Now, he's worried that water may be wreaking havoc on his engine. Also, a couple searches for the perfect "off the grid" vehicle for their new dream home on Lasqueti Island, a Toyota mimics Maurice Chevalier, and Tommy unleashes a torrent of truly painful puns. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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No new puzzler-- the puzzler is on summer vacation. Find out!

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No puzzler answer-- the puzzler is on summer vacation. Find out!

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Advice for Americans traveling in France.

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the wack jobs return

by Anonymous

its always fun to hear two brother's that have great chemistry and get each other laughing constantly

Favorite Moment: the whole show

Harmony Brown

by jreylcsw

My first day of a summer job age 17 delivering auto parts to local shops, I too crept into the back of another car when I swore my foot was on the brake. Since then, easy. PUT IT IN PARK if you are going to mess with a kid or check your delivery schedule!

Advice for Americans Traveling to France

This should clear a few things up.

Bad Puns

Lots of very bad puns, to be honest!

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