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#0927: Van Dwelling 101

Original Air Date: 07.04.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Tara in Fremont, California, pays Tom and Ray a return visit. Last Fall, Tara was trying to decide whether to keep dating a guy who lived in a VW van. Now, she's decided that Van Man is Mr. Right-- so much so, that they're about to embark on a cross-country cruise. Do Tom and Ray have any sage advice, aside from duct-taping a few spare mechanics to the roof? Also, a family Volvo becomes a laugh riot as it loses its ability to stop, a college professor discovers the potentially stinky consequence of flunking students, and, if you're in Evanston, Wyoming, beware: a prank war is getting a touch out of hand. All this, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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Show Review - 898

by rdtset

Tara, I did this

by AFDouglas

Tara: I drove my 65 VW van (early Westphalia) in the summer of 1972 from CA up the west coast to Port Angeles, ferried to Vancouver Island (where I picked up Canadian Hwy 1), up to Nanamo Bay, ferried to Vancouver BC, then across Canada on Hwy 1 all the way to Montreal, and down to Boston. Locked up the transmission in Nanamo Bay but it became unstuck and I made it all the way w/o further trouble. GO FOR IT, VW Vans are great!

Favorite Moment: Take your time through the Canadian Rockies! Calgary is just like Denver, don't spend much time in the middle.

A J from Kansas with the 1992 Honda Accord

by Anonymous

Tom & Ray I wanted to tell you what was wrong with this car. My job is a Mobile Honda specialist and I Jane come across this problem before in my 30 years in business. The problem is the TW (temperature water) sensor on the head under the distributor. This sensor tells the computer the water temperature, and when it fails, it tells the computer that the engine is cold. The computer richens the mixture for cold start. Basically flooding the engine when it is hot after a brief shutdown period (say, 5 minutes). The sensor never fails completely, so the computer never picks up a fault that would trigger the check light. Honda Bob (562)531-2321

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