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#0926: What's Another 2,000 Miles? A Miracle!

Original Air Date: 06.27.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Chad in Arizona seeks help convincing his wife that a '96 Tahoe with 212,000 miles is the perfect vehicle for their 2,000 mile summer vacation. Can he get Tom and Ray's blessing, and perhaps even an incantation? Maybe, but he's going to have to do a better selling job than "It looks good." Meanwhile, what's worse than getting your car broken into? How about if your mechanic, Nunzio the Knucklescraper, takes it for a night on the town and ruins the alignment? Also, a Buick owner wonders if the mouth-watering smell coming from her AC is dangerous, a Nissan transmission pulls a Lazarus, and on Stump the Chumps, we finally discover the source of Craig's unprecedented noise. All this, another puzzler word game, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Bugle, unrest, grotto, letter, esteem. What's the next word? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What's the secret behind Ray's unique sentence? It's time for the answer! Find out!

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Setting a speedometer

by nortonmarg

Tamara, caller 8 needs to take her used speedo to a speedo repair shop, to have the mileage set to be the same as her present one. In California, we have Palo Alto Speedometer, but I'm sure there is a local business in Alabama or an adjacent State. The other option might be to fix her old one, but it's a lot easier to just do a swap. The repair shop should be able to tell her if her replacement needs any work.

Excellent show, but...

by siouxfive

Guys - I had the same problem as the guy with the Volvo with water in the back seat. I had to crawl under the car & squeeze the AC drain tube periodically, or the back seat would fill up. Even tho he said it mostly occurred when he used teh heater, I bet he had the AC on as well, to clear his fogged windshield. Neat trick sending him to sit in the carwash to look for leaks, though. That should confuse him for a while!

Favorite Moment: The Tahoe blessing. I used to do a less formal blessing for my Tacoma with 250,000 on it before heading into the backwoods on hunting trips.


by iam_undone

Well, great show because I used to work with Elsie in Thunder Bay, Ontario and now live in Oregon.I was drying my hair, listening to your show and heard her vioce and nearly dropped the dryer. Have not talked to her in years or seen her for more than 12.

Favorite Moment: Hearing her chat about her trapeze teaching and remembering her back yard performances for my children. Thank you. I am trying to contact her and as always your show is a treat. Thanks Again-Beep, beep!

Horses Not to Bet On

Listener Mike Richardson-Bryan just has a hunch.

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