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#0925: A Park Ranger With Enemies

Original Air Date: 06.20.2009

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This week on Car Talk, is it paranoia if someone really is trying to loosen your lug nuts? Tom and Ray help Kristen the Park Ranger review her enemies list, after a near-wheel-falling-off experience. Meanwhile, out on the Golden Gate Bridge, Todd is holding his breath because his friend insists on driving until his gas tank is down to the last drop. Todd's looking for any old wives tale that'll help convince his pal it's a lousy idea. Also, Ray suffers an attack of Commencement Foot in Mouth disease, a refrigerant infusion gets a Scion owner in hot water, and The Case of The Belt Shredding Jetta. All this, a new puzzler from the wonderful world of Pharmacological Etymology, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's so interesting about a certain sentence? Hear it and see if you can find out. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Three wheels on the road, one in the air. How do you get unstuck? In your truck is a screwdriver, vice grips, electrical tape, a flashlight, hemorrhoid cream-- and a can of tuna. Find out!

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Show Review - 892

by Anonymous

Park Ranger on a "Hit List"

by denibell guys dont know the real danger she is in. It is obviously a co-worker...there is noone in the federal government who will investigate this. Her father needs to go to his local PD and demand an investigate...get a PI to fingerprint the lugs/tires...a co-worker used a valve wrench on my tires and hooks, keys,nails, etc...i was nearly killed 3x's....not even a federal judge would look at it...hey maybe its my former co-worker?

Favorite Moment: when she didnt give it up...u got serious....she has to get Her Father to persue this legally! Guys...havent u ever read Nevada Barr?

too smart, for old show

by geneland

you guys are not listenig to plaintiff, but rather jumping to far into showboat and rocking splashes overthe gunnels. that good looking lady with loose bolts on each side of front, said she and dad do this big deal. . . yes they were too busy chitchat and who what,that both were not focused on the work at hand. . . rather fed.cop job and yes we even me,get so into my pompus job that all revolves around me, yrs ago, now i realize simple is first choice, and as last choice one more check at end simple easy too... why not just clamp the brake rotor with the visegrip to not turn against the caliper?? on the spin side? again too simple. . . the fuel pump, in the tank i did not includ the foam shroud,boot on fs chevan, and it went only bout yr-2, new one had foam.. oh ah I admit to always refilling in the last gal or2

Favorite Moment: long ago,querry of walk thru the car lot, one knew manual trans from auto with out look inside??, only from behind??

Park Ranger Stranger

by tdparmeson

Shoulda dug into her past a little more - maybe solved 2 of her problems...

Favorite Moment: When my wife brought me breakfast.

Reasons Why Some Men Choose Dogs Over Wives

The first ten, specifically.

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