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#0923: My Truck Runs Better on Compost

Original Air Date: 06.06.2009

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This week on Car Talk, can a truck really run better when filled to the brim with rotted manure? Philip's driving a Chevy pickup that runs great when it's overloaded with 1,500 pounds of compost, and is stinko when the bed is empty. Will Tom and Ray suggest it become a full-time planter? Meanwhile, in Florida, Jeani's got a bad case of Dying Transmission Denial. She's searching for a miracle cure--and willing to spend dearly for it. Is triple-digit tranny gunk worth it, if it means avoiding an 1,800 dollar rebuild? And, would you trade a pair of skis with broken bindings... for a decade-old Jetta that won't shift? That's the deal being contemplated by John in Aspen. Also this week: a whooping Taurus becomes a good relationship test, and Beth in Hawaii wonders, "Do engine cleaners now come in Eau de Cigar?" All this, plus a new puzzler from Ray's Odometer series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How many times will an odometer have a reading without 1's? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why did the water level drop in Rattlesnake Canyon, in the fall?

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From the Washington Post: Math equations-- using words.

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by jeffersondaluz


haze on windshields

by pjwellen

tom/ray said that haze on windshields was due to outgassing of plastics. and it will go away with age. how about my 1969 ford fairlane that still does it; with original dash and seats; 370,000 miles.

Math and word equations

Courtesy of the Washington Post (starts halfway down the page).

Craig Damrauer

Take a look at Craig's "New Math" site.

Does Car Talk affect mental acuity?

This is a small sample size, but...

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