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#0920: Ninjas Stole my Catalytic Converter

Original Air Date: 05.16.2009

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This week's Car Talk is ripped from the headlines! First, what are the implications of the proposed Chrysler-Fiat merger? For Car Talk Plaza, it means the return of some classic Fiat jokes. Meanwhile, Glenn in Kansas is wondering who will take care of his beloved Vibe after Pontiac throws in the towel. Will a Toyota dealer work on the Matrix's American cousin, or can Glenn begin a beautiful relationship elsewhere in the GM universe? Also, Surprise, Arizona lives up to its name for Tacoma owner Maury--he woke up one morning to find that ninjas had stolen his catalytic converter. And, why is JD's Mercedes driving all the cats out of Los Gatos? All this, plus a puzzler from the Nuevo Pneumatic series, this week on Car Talk.

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Show Review - 861

by Anonymous

Prius Cat Naps is all wrong

by Anonymous

She needs to open the door when she parks for her narcolepsy break. The daytime running lights are on and it's killing the little battery.

Favorite Moment: JD from Los Gattos who's going to be homeless from brake issues!

What Just Happened?

by skeavey

I listened for the past hour while working hard on a Sunday. The next thing I knew I was hearing about your attorneys, Dewey, Cheatem & How. I listened for an hour and don't remember anything knowledge expanding, life changing, eureaka moments to make it all worthwhile. I guess there is always next week. Maybe you will get better.

bad advice for prius owner

by benl

circus performer with prius - she obviously left her headlights on. These will only turn off if you open the door, which she didn't. Turning off engine doesn't turn off lights! Tom and Ray should have wondered why she didn't have a problem when car was parked at other places - like at home!

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