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#0919: The First Word Was,

Original Air Date: 05.09.2009

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This week on Car Talk, two separate incidents create the same reaction: a two-word phrase beginning with "Oh", and ending with a word that would get an FCC Commissioner's shorts in a bunch. First, Nancy drives her VW Bug over a boulder in Death Valley, then Chad snaps off the key in the ignition of his Maxima. Will Tom and Ray provide aid and comfort, or just have a few laughs at Nancy and Chad's expense? Meanwhile, down in Florida, Melissa is envisioning the words that may come spewing from her husband's mouth, if she lets him go ahead and change the oil on their BMW. Is her hubby right, that 15,000 miles is too long to wait between changes-- even if it means that BMW is picking up the tab? Also, find out why the guys' advice to thrifty teenager Stephen may soon have his parents, and his parent's lawyer, lighting up Line 2 in the Car Talk studio. All this, plus a new puzzler from the world of marital relations, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What four words that were all homonyms, did Ray utter to calm his wife?

Last Week's Puzzler

How would you start a car with a dead battery, when you're deep in the woods, with just a few odds and ends? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share wisdom from Woody Allen.

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BMW oil changes

by p.a.kirk

I thoroughly enjoy your show, but want to comment on a caller's question. The caller complaiined about the BMW free maintenance at 15,000 miles, saying that they don't drive that much. I just purchased a new bimmer, and the maint. warranty does indeed state free oil changes every 15,000 miles, but also agrees to annual changes for low mileage users.

Favorite Moment: More like "favorite moments." I love the way you fellows enjoy each other's company.

Wisdom from Woody Allen

Listener Mark Knight shares some of his favorite quotes.

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