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#0911: Chasing Volcanoes and Hunting Mealworms

Original Air Date: 03.14.2009

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This week, Car Talk ventures to beautiful Soldotna, Alaska, where Bill is wondering what will protect his Subaru from the impending eruption of Mount Redoubt. His answer? Pantyhose. Are those long winter nights finally taking their toll, or could L'eggs just be Bill's sheer solution? Meanwhile, a trip to Mealworms R Us turned into a eco-automotive disaster for Kara in the Bay Area. Now the question is: does she tell her soon-to-be ex-hubby about their Prius' new residents? Also, a Jeep sings a familiar, sad song, an Explorer owner may be single-handedly wiping out all the tricycles in her neighborhood, and Ray bravely tackles a challenging Latin quiz. (Fac ut gaudeam, anyone?) All this, plus a puzzler from deep center field in Yankee stadium, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Can you name the three Cardinals who were memorialized in Yankee Stadium? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A digital watch dilemma: why was the lunch counter not open for business when Melvin's watch said noon? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray discuss Latin translations for catch-phrase, including, "Make my day," "Honey! I'm home," and "Honk if you speak Latin."

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by Anonymous

The advice actually was right!!

by Volcano Bill

Pantyhose worked great when the volcano erupted.

Favorite Moment: I loved the call about the escaped meal worms. In Alaska we use them for ice fishing. Using them takes a bit of getting used to because they freeze and you have to put them in your mouth for a minute or so to get them soft enough to put on your hook. Kind of creepy.

a laugh a mile

by cami

Your show makes me smile and even laugh out loud pretty often, which results in some strange looks from other motorists. I've learned a few things, whether or not they'll ever do me any good, I don't know. You two Yankees are nuts - wait, all my friends are nuts - hmmm.

Favorite Moment: The credits at the end; at first I didn't catch on but then listened closely to get each kooky name. In your case, those are probably authentic.

Handy Latin Phrases

Ray dusts off his Latin to share some useful phrases.

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