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#0910: Go West, Young Lea

Original Air Date: 03.07.2009

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, our favorite despondent college freshman, Lea, checks back in to let Tom and Ray know that life is looking a lot better since she bid farewell to Our Fair State. We always knew proximity to Tom and Ray could be a cause of depression, but her case seems a bit extreme. Meanwhile in frozen New Hampshire, Ben and his girlfriend are arguing over whether high winds mean his VW Rabbit needs an extra pair of Bronco Nagurski long underwear, Steve reports back on his search for the battery in his Ford Escort-assuming the battery is still IN his Ford Escort. And, an idea that could change the world with three simple words: I am stupid. All this, plus a puzzler from Ray's "Early to Lunch" series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's going on with Melvin's new digital watch? See if you can figure it out! Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Ray's neighbor is trying to drive up his driveway during a winter storm but it's too slippery. So he opens the engine compartment door of his VW Microbus, does something, and soon is able to climb the hill. What did he do? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray debut a new way to spot stupid people: the "I'm Stupid" sign.

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Real Wind Chill explanation - Mine!

by JayWarner

The Real-Feel(tm) 'wind chill' temperature is lower than the thermometer temperature because the wind chill temperature is what people feel on exposed skin. - it is the equivalent of still air at the lower temperature. The exposed skin is slightly moist (if you guys are under 90 years old, perhaps you notice on your own faces :) Thermal energy ('heat') transfer from a dry surface is faster with air flowing across it than in still air. From a moist surface thermal energy transfer is much greater in a breeze. The other way to move thermal energy away form a warm engine is by radiation to the colder walls of a nearby building or into the sky. air speed makes no difference for this method. The automobile engine is (a) dry, and (b) inside an enclosed engine compartment, partly out of the wind. Therefore, the engine does not notice the wind chill temperature. It remains sensitive to the the temperature difference - radiation heat transfer - which is determined by the thermometer reading.

Favorite Moment: My favorite part was when the brothers pulled out a letter form the parent(s) of a caller, and the three of them discussed the letter and problem. My least favorite part was when the brothers failed to understand, or explain well, the wind chill temperature, and why it really would not make much difference to the engine, even though people might notice it a great deal.

Here's your sign joke

by Anonymous

I figured that everyone had heard the Blue Collar Comedy Tour but I listened to your show on Saturday March 8th and heard you quote jokes from Bill Engvall's comedy routine. Maybe it's more of a southern thing but I would definately recommend that you have a listen. It's so worth it.


by freeifumes

Dear Tom, I felt deeply offended by your remarks about Germany on the recent show. Being a German myself I have to tell you that it made my fists clinch to hear such remarks. Not only that its entirely bollocks to claim that cars have feelings but to then assume that a Volkswagen, a car brand that carries the soul of an entire nation in its name while being Europe's #1 car seller must be a car that have no feelings (if such nonsense existed) just because it is German is a deliberate insult and you better watch your mouth next time. Also you so have no idea what East German judges really did, I wonder if you ever really took a look at the adjudication in the former GDR. Apart from outrageous judgments in state matters the biggests share of judgments between ordinary folks where ok. So you better think twice about what you say next time knucklehead!

Favorite Moment: Lea

Regionalists, Get Over Yourselves

by mattclark73

I was disappointed to hear the guys indulging the despondent college student and her regional attitudes. I grew in super hippy NoCal, went to school in Republican SoCal, lived in the central NY boondocks, Cambridge our fair city, Springfield Mass and the Boston burbs of Belmont and Bedford (nice alliteration huh?). And everywhere I've been, what I've found is: people are people. Everywhere people are fundamentally the same, and the differences are largely superficial and inconsequential. When people put down certain regions as "less open to new experiences" I think that says more about their preconceptions than it does about the reality of that region. Lea should ask herself, if only by going back to her home can she be happy, who is not open to new experiences?

Better Identification of Stupid People

Comedian Bill Engval suggests a new way to identify idiots.

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