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#0908: The Perfect Pinkwater Car

Original Air Date: 02.21.2009

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This week on Car Talk, Daniel Pinkwater has discovered the perfect car for those who are rump challenged! Then it's off to MA where Channa is the proud owner of her first car. Now she doesn't know if she should follow her dad's car advice or her husband's! Tom and Ray say they're both nuts. Rich in NJ has an Explorer that doesn't like the cold. Plus Stump the Chumps and a new puzzler from the lying used salesman series, on this week's wide-bodied hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The not-so perfect "perfect" used car Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The Quonset Hut Mistake. Find out!

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Auto Mechanics Ranking in New Gallup Survey on Trustworthiness

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    Show Review - 739

    by Anonymous

    Show Review - 741

    by Anonymous

    Show Review - 745

    by sandyjoon

    This show is always great to listen to, because it makes me laugh and forget my cares (well, unless they're discussing a mechanical issue that makes me worry about my own situation, or remember being burned by a less-than-honorable mechanic). This episode was especially enjoyable because of my Favorite Moment (at which point, parked and about to turn off the radio, I yelled YES! -- good thing my windows were rolled up).

    Favorite Moment: I may be somewhat biased, but I was overjoyed to hear the VW New Beetle being touted as the most comfortable/roomy vehicle to "enter and egress from." I'm not really, really large, but I do love my beetle. And I love Car Talk :)

    Show Review - 820

    by Anonymous

    Missing battery/Indian Blanket

    by dandgardiner

    I was helping a friend jump her car last summer and we couldn't find the battery either. I noticed a plastic cover that was tightly screwed into place and, unable to resist, I unscrewed it, removed the cover and there was the battery. I listen to your show often and I'm sure that I heard the indian blanket story a few years ago. Do you fill in with clips from old programs?

    pinkwater... keep on rollin'

    by vanPool

    From first to last guest, very interactive and entertaining show. None too-serious nor greasy subject matter throughout! The one flaw was that Puzzler (the 'inky' one) was 'dim-wit' because: the better syntax is "which" direction instead of "what".

    Favorite Moment: Hilarious Pinkwater segment, well-timed by Tappets, and apparently spontaneous!

    Mechanics rank above car salesmen in honesty poll

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