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#0906: He'd Rather Fall Down a Flight of Stairs

Original Air Date: 02.07.2009

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This week on Car Talk, the Click and Clack Conflict Resolution Center is in high gear. First, fiancee Stephanie wants to separate her hubby-to-be from the other love of his life-- a '97 Saab. She's leaning towards a newer Suzuki, but will that make him lean away from those magic words, "I do"? From the sounds of it, he'd rather fall down a flight of stairs. Meanwhile, here in the Great Frozen Northeast, Nicole wants to know how to deal with the guy who keeps hijacking the parking space she shovels out every morning. Do Tom and Ray have any idea-- short of an ice axe to the Michelins, that is? Also, a Camaro owner tries to end her career as a toll evader, and the puzzler hits the open road. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How could a GPS have a faster average speed, than its maximum? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Can you figure out five ways to reach first base, without getting a hit? Find out!

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Full disclosure in auto ads, courtesy of one seller on Craig's List.

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Subie headlights

by Quill

I know you guys are pretty familiar with Subarus, but occasionally you dole out some pretty bogus answers with regard to questions about them. This episode is a case in point. Your caller complained about excessive headlight bulb burnouts in an 05 Outback. I own an independent Subaru shop in northern Ca and I've been replacing bulbs in these things like crazy, and I never touch the bulb surface with my fingers. So far, my conclusion as to why they burn out so frequently is most likely excessive heat buildup in a poorly designed housing, but how do you prove that? I wish I had a constructive solution for your caller, but so far I've got nada. Feel free to e-mail me with Subie problems, because I've probably seen just about every one, and have even been able to solve some before Subaru of America has.

Favorite Moment: When you remind me that I've just wasted another hour



I listen to your show on the way home from church every Sunday and want to thank you for brightening my day. If you did nothing but laugh it would be a good show, I find myself laughing along with you. No one really laughs any more and you obviously enjoy what you are doing. I have no interest in fixing cars etc. but I love to hear you two giving out your advice. Keep it up!

The Department of Full Disclosure

Your chance to own a great little car with a few problems. Tom and Ray share an oddly specific ad.

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A listener asks Tom and Ray for a little inspiration. 

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