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#0905: A Special Kind of Stink

Original Air Date: 01.31.2009

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This week on Car Talk, it's not surprising that after years of duty as a fishing vehicle, a '91 Isuzu might take on the aroma of not-so-fresh carp. But, when a family of bats moves in and leaves their calling card, the aroma is too much for Bill in California. Will Tom and Ray support his slightly wacko de-stinkification plan? Also, Stephanie in Connecticut finds her dream vehicle needs to stay away from cliffs, a Cadillac engine threatens to run away from home, a Jeep is ready for FEMA relief, and we hear from one driver who hopes her insurance includes coverage for Acts of Stupidity. All this, plus a new puzzler from the Wide World of Sports, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

From the Wild World of Sports series, and submitted by Doug Miller. There are 5 ways a player can reach first base without hitting the ball. Name them. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

From the Late For Work series. Tony told his boss he was late because he got a flat tire. What did the boss see that suggested his story was true? Find out!

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How do you answer the puzzler on this site?

by carter

I am trying to answer the getting to first base puzzler. Walk, hit by pitch, dropped 3rd strike, catcher's interference and pinch runner

Funky Junk in the Trunk

by discdogs

I thought this segment was hilarious...not only cuz it was...but cuz this is not the first time I heard of someone taking a powerwash (car wand) to the inside of their vehicle. Join me a few years ago when I worked for a government agency in the hometown of Warren Buffet. I knew the guy, but didn't hear this story until months after it happened. We had field trucks we took out to do river surveying and they would get pretty muddy inside. This guy thought he'd go to the local car wash and powerwash the mud out. He did, but he also ruined all the electonics in the dashboard. This was the same guy who left a candle burning in his house, when as a good boy (man), took his mother to church on sunday and came home to the fire dept at his home. That made the news, the gov't truck interior wash did not. :) 3 wrenches, cuz the bat guano grossed me out.

Favorite Moment: when the guy said he was going to powerwash the inside...2nd fav moment...was his wife's reaction. :P

solution for stinker pickup

by Gretchen

I hate to tell you, but Fabreze just isn't going to cut it. He needs to go to a pet store and buy a large amount of one of their "pet stink out" cleaners and spray every surface and the upholstry and carpets until they are damp or just follow the directions. He will have to doit several times!! I foster a lot of dogs and cats and I use one that has enzymes and special bacteria to get rid of the smells. Soap and water isn't good enough. Don't use it until after the smell is gone.

Favorite Moment: This guy had rats and bats! Unbelievable!

Stink solution

by Trixie

Here's a tip for Dan the guy with the horrible stink in his car. Mix 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup baking soda with a squeeze of dish soap. Use this mixture to clean the smell out of your car. (The peroxide might change the color of anything you put it on.) This mixture will take the skunk smell off a dog so it might work. A paste of baking soda cleans & absorbs smells. Or sprinkle lots of baking soda in there, leave for a while, vacuum up. It's good at absorbing odors. Hope this helps.

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