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#0903: Hooray for Captain Spaulding

Original Air Date: 01.17.2009

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This week's Car Talk kicks off with one of our best-known ways to brighten the dark days of winter--a few choice quotes from Groucho Marx. Then, it's off to our nation's capitol, where Jerelee's Toyota Matrix is making noises not unlike Tommy after a rough repast. Fortunately, her problem could have a rare "instant Car Talk fix," but she might have a little too much fun in the process. Also, turning wine into wiper fluid may not be a biblical miracle, but is it a good way to spare a less-than-competent home vintner's feelings? On Stump the Chumps, find out if Tommy led Jason and his pals down a dead end road. All this, a new puzzler celebrating the Presidential Inauguration, and why a DIY plug-in conversion may not be such a good idea, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Which President other than Grover Cleveland succeeded his successor? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How can it be that the tipsy brother found the shorter way home? Find out!

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Show Review - 719

by Anonymous

Show Review - 721

by Anonymous

gay 90's Groucho

by vantulsee

"this morning I shot Micheal Jackson in his pajamas...How I got in his pajamas I'll never know.

Favorite Moment: That's most rediculos thing I ever heard hehhehheha

cruise control

by John Holpp

I own 4 vehicles 3 are vans Dodge 95 voyager. The cruize began to lose speed and a week or two later. It does not function. The other vans cruise control does not function either. Is it vaccum or speed sencer. where do I look? What's the thing look like that I'm looking for?

Favorite Moment: The moment I find you guys on the radio.

guys really blew it

by diva_nj

re:logan from reno guys, this crazy woman has been driving this car without breaks for HOW long?? And you guys are talking about whats wrong with her CAR?? How about whats wrong with her brain?? Forget about going to a mechanic..she should go to her local DMV and turn in her licence for being too stupid to drive! Not only is she endangering herself..but driving right thru stop signs? How many others has she endangered?? School buses? Pedestrians? Then later are stone cold terrified for the guy that wants to build his own electric car? yes, dangerous...but at least mostly to himself..not the general public!! Priorities, please!

The Wisdom of Groucho Marx

Tom and Ray read some of their favorite lines from Groucho Marx.

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