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#0852: Ray, You're an Idiot!

Original Air Date: 12.27.2008

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, Ray dabbles in a new career as a "blizzard chaser," and fails. Spectacularly. We have an eyewitness account, straight from the snowdrift that nearly became his new home. Speaking of close calls, down in Tennessee, Wendall's truck burst into flames while he wasn't driving it. Was it an electrical mishap, leaking fuel, or a case of spousal arson? Also, a Camry spends a night in the desert and starts doing things backwards, a groaning Olds makes the guys groan on Stump the Chumps, and what cold weather theory could prompt Tommy to say, "He's doing pretty good, but for the wackiest reasons I've ever heard!" All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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The puzzler is on vacation this week.

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The puzzler is on vacation this week.

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Ray's escapades as blizzard chaser. Plus: Ray's wife, Monique, calls in.

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