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#0851: No Flaming Golf Balls Just Yet!

Original Air Date: 12.20.2008

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This week, a 3-year old, a Toyota Highlander and a golf ball converge. The result? A nervous dad, asking Tom and Ray if the Titleist up his muffler is doing any damage. The answer may ease his worries-- and give his kid a few new ideas. Also, get ready to launch your hate mail--with gas prices dropping, Ray is renewing his call for a national gas tax, including a new idea for who can reinvent themselves as train manufacturers. Plus, a blower motor performs a Lazarus, an Element hosts an all-mouse production of La Boheme, and, how not to keep your loved one from flying through the windshield. All this, plus a puzzler from the Geography series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

From Raymond's "Travel and Leisure" series: How can you tell someone's state of origin when they're at the gas station? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How could an old Saab beat a muscle car in a race? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Incredibly stupid gifts for the holiday season.

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A brilliant political moment

by Anonymous

The gas rant was beyond brilliant

Favorite Moment: Gas Rant

Questioning the 2004 Honda Element diagnosis

by JoshW

The caller mentioned that the sound came from the windshield/dash area. I have a 2003 Honda Element. My windshield was under the same recall (because small impacts cause starburst fractures every time) but was unable to take advantage of recall because I was overseas (with my car). That said, I have same sound problem. I locate the sound more in the dash than the windshield and if I reach over to the glove compartment and pull on it or otherwise push on the passenger side dash, the sound stops. Sound comes back if I release pressure. Don't think it's the windshield...?


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