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#0851: No Flaming Golf Balls Just Yet!

Original Air Date: 12.20.2008

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This week, a 3-year old, a Toyota Highlander and a golf ball converge. The result? A nervous dad, asking Tom and Ray if the Titleist up his muffler is doing any damage. The answer may ease his worries-- and give his kid a few new ideas. Also, get ready to launch your hate mail--with gas prices dropping, Ray is renewing his call for a national gas tax, including a new idea for who can reinvent themselves as train manufacturers. Plus, a blower motor performs a Lazarus, an Element hosts an all-mouse production of La Boheme, and, how not to keep your loved one from flying through the windshield. All this, plus a puzzler from the Geography series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

From Raymond's "Travel and Leisure" series: How can you tell someone's state of origin when they're at the gas station? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How could an old Saab beat a muscle car in a race? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Incredibly stupid gifts for the holiday season.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

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by Cartalk2

A brilliant political moment

by Anonymous

The gas rant was beyond brilliant

Favorite Moment: Gas Rant

Questioning the 2004 Honda Element diagnosis

by JoshW

The caller mentioned that the sound came from the windshield/dash area. I have a 2003 Honda Element. My windshield was under the same recall (because small impacts cause starburst fractures every time) but was unable to take advantage of recall because I was overseas (with my car). That said, I have same sound problem. I locate the sound more in the dash than the windshield and if I reach over to the glove compartment and pull on it or otherwise push on the passenger side dash, the sound stops. Sound comes back if I release pressure. Don't think it's the windshield...?

gas tax!?!

by Anonymous

Thanks for advocating a substantial federal tax on gasoline, it takes guts, or a lack of brains, to be willing to advocate for higher-cost gasoline in the middle of this recession, but with the help of Thomas Friedman and you two geniuses I'm hoping that the country and its leadership will catch on!

fuel tax

by Carl Gudiswitz

I wholy agree with your commentary to increase fuel tax. 1997 was the last increase. Based on normal increases since then, we benefite the same as having about a 30 to 40 percent tax break on gasoline. We need it. It makes no sense to borrow for needed programs when the driving public has shown large increases in fuel cost does not shut the sysem down. Give real help to the system and pay for it NOW.


by KHaigh9531

I have listened to your show for several years and your knowledge of cars is incredible. This coupled with your infectious laugh and witty repartee make the perfect show. By the way I am a middle aged women and not the sort of person who usually enjoys programs about gear boxes and the like!!

Favorite Moment: Too many to mention

Taxes, thumbs up

by JohnJ

Tom and Ray I was just listening to your show, as I do each week, and for once amongst the tips and jokes you actually made sense. Others may berate you but you, but you are absolutely correct. A national gas tax is the right way to go and 50 cents a gallon is pretty small way to help provide funds for our transportation infrastructure. Good job and at least the wife of a crazy engineer is with you. Mrs. JD

Ray for Secretary of Transportation!

by jfonner

As always a great show! The loose windshield diagnosis was amazing (if you're right that is!) I never saw that one coming. Best of all however, was Ray's commentary on the gas tax. It was worthy of a Sunday Morning political talk show - his proposal solves the Big Three collapse, infrastructure investment, dependence on foreign oil and global warming all at once. Incredible!

Favorite Moment: Ray's commentary on increasing the gas tax. I decided to vote for President Elect Obama early last summer when he had the sense to refuse to endorse waiving the gas tax despite the rising cost of fuel. He showed his political courage and common sense that day while John McCain and Hillary Clinton proved to be political panderers by their willingness to let a few more bridges collapse just to get elected. Ray showed his stuff by daring spineless politicians to do the right thing and topped it off with a brilliant idea of challenging the big three to start rail transport divisions within their companies. Brilliant! Please post a transcript of this so I can spread it via Facebook, Twitter, my blog and other social networks. The world must hear this message.


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