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#0850: The Great Car Talk Snorting Scandal

Original Air Date: 12.13.2008

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This week on Car Talk, it's a sound you're well familiar with, if you've listened to our lousy show for more than, say, 10 minutes. It's Ray's snort-- and it's become a source of controversy. Is it an organic laugh extension, or are we guilty of adding a Snort Track? We'll find out, maybe. Meanwhile, on the auto front, laughter may be the best medicine for Bob in Queens, whose Geo decides not to start when the thermometer hits freezing. Also, a wedding band goes AWOL behind the dashboard, a Doctor's Lincoln begins to remind him of his mother, and why new tires can be shocking--literally. All this, a new puzzler from the David and Goliath series, and a Bostonian even feistier than Tommy, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How can a Saab outrace a muscle car, in reverse? Good question! Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How can AB times AB = CAB? Hear Ray explain this perplexing mathematical puzzler. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Ray's snort-- is it organic, or does Car Talk have a top secret snort track?

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Show Review - 687

by Anonymous

japanese truck song

by Anonymous

who sang the song about the japanese truck? i'd love to get a copy... it really sums up my 4x4 2.7L manual 2000 tacoma w/ 160k miles... she's awesome off road and very reliable... however just not very peppy any more.


by Anonymous

Both of you guys have a wrench stuck in your brains. A 50 cent tax on gas is really bad. You want to give the government a gillion dollars to do something. Hey they cannot run any program that has been funded by tax dollars so far in the last 50 years what makes you think they can do something now? Gas taxes were charged to fix the roads but our legislators put the money into other programs and now they need more money to fund roads. If high speed rail is needed the FREE MARKETS will see the need and fill that need because there is the profit motive. The government needs less money and have the money they receive used for what we vote it in for not their favorite programs that cost everyone more because they have their fingers and pockets in the mix. R and D by the car companies is to make better cars for transportation if they need to get into the high speed business they can do so on their own. They really have the money to do so and you guys need to get out of the "we need more taxes" business.

Gas Tax--Right ON

by jcostel43

I want to step up and support your advocacy for the gas tax for each of the reasons you offered: 1) road and bridge maintenance 2)reduction of driving 3) support for mass transit. Way to GO!

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The great snorting controversy...

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