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#0848: Click and Clack's Campus Counseling: A's are Overrated!

Original Air Date: 11.29.2008

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, college student Lea pleads for guidance though the existential crisis otherwise known as freshman year. How does she deal with the prospect of becoming an adult? And, come to think of it, why in Bluto Blutarsky's name does she think Tom and Ray can help? Also, a cross-country move gets expensive for one caller, after her Great Dane decides to see the USA from the hood of her pickup, a Mazda owner wonders what a flashing coolant light and low coolant could mean, aside from the fact that she's low on coolant, and is there any car-related sound more annoying than a mechanic endlessly repeating, "I promise, this time it really is fixed!" All that, plus greetings from the self-proclaimed Automotive Bermuda Triangle of the Midwest, this week on a special encore edition of Car Talk.

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Grades do not equal "the best"

by Anonymous

This was a good show and I enjoyed hearing the comments about college. However, I have to throw my two bits in on this subject. Grades only reflect on how much the student agrees with the professor/teacher. Their were classes where I produced Bs and As with one professor then in another class with the same professor, I would get Cs and Ds. This was in part because much of the class was theory and therefore subject to debate. In this day and age, college is not worth what it was thirty to fifty years ago. I would swear that college degrees are a dime a dozen and if you were to want a comfortable job, you need to go to graduate school this days. And in my college experience at Shippensburg University, I found that the education was fantasic in my field (being History with a minor in Anthropology). However, they were extremely lacking in helping with finding internships, finding a job, pretty much doing a horrid job of preparing myself for post college. This is not to say that I did not try. I have tried and still am trying after eight years now. I have done volunteer work at an archive and am disgusted to find that in order to get a job there, I need grad school courses or job equivalant. But the catch-22 is all the skills that I had performed at the volunter-level, were skills I learned back in elementary school (no exaggeration). Maybe the system is a little more complicated, but the concepts of organization and research are still pretty much the same.

Favorite Moment: When Leah called in at the end of the show.

More Show Gone to the Dog

by Robin

And another thing: the university professor didn't do her research before calling. She didn't seem to believe that one of them did indeed teach college. Apparently she wasn't clued in to the fact that both Click and Clack graduated from MIT because the truth is, they really CAN speak intelligently about chemistry. That was the funniest part. Leah the freshman has more sense than the university professor.

Dogs in the Cab

by ral

As usual, I laughed my way through the hour. However, when the call came from the Geochemist professor who was traveling across the country, I stopped laughing. Traveling across the country at highway speeds with a dog tethered in the back of pickup with a tether evidently so long that a 100 lbs dog can easily stand upright on the roof the truck is dangerous and reflects a shocking level of ignorance and lack of consideration for a companion animal in an otherwise well educated person. How the dog made it alive from California to Atlanta is a mystery to me. But, that situation is dangerous for the dog, the driver, and others on the road. I was alarmed that Tom and Ray laughed this off, while recommending/encouraging safer solutions, without explicitly making the evidently completely unaware owner of how dangerous this situation could have been and borderline cruel to the pet. I had the feeling that the owner was rather callous to the safety of her dog, but maybe she is just a new owner and unaware of the danger to both herself, her dog, and fellow travelers. I think an opportunity to to offer numerous solutions to traveling more safely with pets was missed here. What about putting a camper on the truck with a dog harness, there are also seatbelt harnesses designed for dogs in the back of the interior cab (my dog adjusted quickly to her seatbelt in the cab), or a kennel for the bed of the truck.

Horrified Dog Lover

by ktrumpatori

I have to agree with Robin's review of the (clearly) clueless "college professor" who thought it was ok to let her dog ride on top of her pickup's cab. I was listening to this show while in the car with my veterinary surgeon husband-- we were utterly disgusted by this woman's lack of common sense to protect her dog from danger. On a daily basis my husband sees, fixes, and ATTEMPTS to fix, dogs that idiotic human owners have put in danger by letting them ride in the back of pick up trucks. These dogs are injured and killed because of so-called "responsible" owners who have allowed their dogs to ride in the back of an unenclosed vehicle. Note: Even crates in the backs of pick up trucks are NOT entirely safe--though at the very least a MORE safe alternative. This woman, Hope, from Atlanta, needs to educate herself on being a responsible pet owner. Her ignorance for dog safety makes me wonder what kind of person she really is. If you're not willing to be responsible for another being's life, you should not own a pet. Click and Clack's significant lack of reprimanding and/or alternative (safe) suggestions (save for the one-liner to "go buy a harness") was deplorable and at the very least irresponsible.

Favorite Moment: None- I turned the channel after listening to that ignorant "college professor" Hope... I was disgusted.

Thanks you!

by Jacmac

I was surprised and so pleased when you talked about and to Lea. Like her, I'm a Mount Holyoke freshman, and throughout high school I strove for a perfect GPA. But you've helped me put things back into perspective. So thanks for the wonderful wisdom! PS: So.. how much for homework now?

Favorite Moment: When you told Moran to shape up. Ha!

Moonlight Sonata Spoof

by Charles218

I found the spoof on Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", it is here - A great little ditty!!!

hills and valleys

by koni

Your advice to the Mt Holyoke student was wonderful, but you fell far short with the idiot professor who tied her dog so it could stand on the roof and drove from California. I think we should tie a rope around her neck and take her on a test drive. I'll drive.

Bs as good as As? Nuts!

by mmersic

Sorry, I only got to hear the part of the show where good grades were being my comments relate to that: With no other information to decide on, I'll take the doctor that got As vs the one that got Bs to operate on me. I'll take the engineer that got As vs the one that got Bs to build my bridges...Saying that the person who gets Bs is just as good at X as the person who got As is delusional. High school grades determine (in part) what kind of college you can get into (as they should). College grades (in part) determine what kind of job you can get (as they should). What else should a college or an employer look at, how well you play World of Warcraft? Give me a break...Grades should and do matter. Of course, grades aren't everything. You have to do your own personal cost/benefit. Maybe getting into the best college isn't important to you, maybe getting the best job out of college isn't important to you, then the best grades should probably be less important to you.

Great entertainment

by salesguy2

I liked it because it gets a verity of people to respond. It is interesting to see how many people don't have a clue about what makes a car start and stay running smoothly. My own experience has been the 37 years that I have managed and sold in the automobile business.

Favorite Moment: Today the the gentleman (Areon-I believe) that called in saying his 1985 Chrysler product, he was given several year ago. He had a noise coming from the rear of the Chrysler. I believe from my delivery experiences, that was more an adjustment of the exhaust system and hanger. There was on older cars a finger welded to the muffler and there was a hanging fixed (stationary) guide for the finger to travel up and down as the frame shifted with the torque of engine at idol and take off. It happen to me on the delivery of a new car. Hope you can offer the solution to the gentleman with the noise problem. I am not a tech. but have lots of things I have had to deal with. Story in its self!

Keep the Good Times Rollin'!

by gabyderek

LOOOOOVE the Guys... LOOOOOVE the callers and LOOOOVE the problems, situations, personalities and wonderful variety of people created in this wonderful land. Keep the show going! I do my share to contribute to my local NPR station - modest as it is.

Favorite Moment: Any time I hear Tommy and Ray laugh. It is exquisite. My day and life is instantly happy!


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