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#0847: Ewe Love Us!

Original Air Date: 11.22.2008

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This week on Car Talk, field research from our listeners confirm that our show holds the ovine community strangely fascinated. Could the sheep think Tom and Ray are two of their own, being held captive in radio speakers? Also, bad news for two callers: They're a day late, and a few quarts short, and now it's time for a few very expensive repairs. There's better news, however, on Stump the Chumps, where Jennifer took our anger management advice, and resisted laying a beating on her Beetle. Also, crickets seemingly invade a Subaru, a hand-me-down clown car doesn't know when to stop running, and the Era of No Wiper Fluid nears an end in Portland. All this, plus a new puzzler from the Mistaken Identity series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How could a single syllable screw up a brake job? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Ray offers a baseball puzzler involving a confounding earned run. Find out!

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Show Review - 646

by Anonymous

Show Review - 651

by bjmracing

Moonlight Sonata Nov29

by phenduck

How can I get a copy of the musical spoof on "Moonlight Sonata?" I would pay for it if necessary.

Baaad to The Bone

by white2dogs

This show is a driving hazard. I almost went off the road during the Listening of the Lambs show.

Favorite Moment: The sound montage of laguhs, baaaas and snorts.

Ewe Boy! What a Show!

by Anonymous

I've never heard a bad show,and no this isn't the first time I've listened! Getting the sheep's attention doesn't surprise me, cause you guys take it on the lamb!

Favorite Moment: Describing the dieseling complete with sound effects.

Misguided Volvo Advice

by kristoph42

I believe you were a little misguided in your determination that the Volvo that didn't roll back on hills had something wrong with it. My Land Rover Freelander (and I'm certain the Volvo has it as well) has a feature called Hill Hold. There is a sensor that detects the vehicle is on a hill nose up. When the brake is released, the RPMs will climb enough to hold the vehicle in place. On a level surface this does not happen so the vehicle does not pull forward as you stated.

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