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#0844: The Owner's Manual Black Market

Original Air Date: 11.01.2008

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This week on "CSI: Car Talk", someone broke into Amy's Ford Focus and didn't touch her iPhone or credit cards, but made off with her owner's manual... and nothing else. Were they desperately seeking shnerdling reading? Also, a new audience demographic goes wild for Car Talk, why an exhaust repair could make a Saturn stop running altogether, and would you rely on two guys named Stumpy and Meat to guide you through a long-distance thermostat replacement? All this, plus a puzzler from the Fuzzy Math series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

From the Department of Funny Math: how can both these equations be right? 45-8 = 47 42+15 = 43 Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How many times does the digit "1" appear, on the way to 999,999 on a car's odometer? Hear how Ray solved this puzzler. Find out!

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Department of Broad Appeal: sheep who love Car Talk.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

From the International Conspiratory Theory Club (Italy branch)

by luigi

Regarding the break-in to the Ford Focus, and theft of the owners manual-- You missed the point-- The manual theft was a diversion-- Something was planted in the car-- tracking device, time-delayed stink-bomb, small reptile- you get the picture-- (probably by the irate person who was turned in to the police) . . . . Luigi

Car Manual - On a Dare

by mgrowdon

My guess is that this is some kind of group (gang?) dare or test. Beats a lot of other options, but sure a major aggravation if it is your window and your precious, well-thumbed, car manual (how do I turn off that warning bell?!)

Black Market Car Manual

by Billie Follensbee

In response to Amy's puzzle: Has she had her airbags checked? I've heard lots of news stories lately about airbags being stolen (or left out of cars by crooked used car salespeople), the cavaty being filled with newspaper or whatever, and then being sealed up with glues. Would it be possible that someone stole the airbag, and needed the user manual to "prove" s/he owned the car, both in order to sell it and in order to know what kind of car it came from...?

blk book

by bkendalli

so what is the answer ?


by DAY1937

This morning on leaving for work I discovered my F-150 was robbed. Items taken: Owner's Manual and 6 empty CD cases.

car manual

by moonbeamxo

Did they take a joy ride? Could have been bored teens. When I was a teen I remember some boys stealing cars for joy rides. I always thought it was boredom. The boys had money they did not need to do this. It was the challenge I had my old car broken into and all that was done was muss up the car and glove box.

Ford Focus Owners Manual

by Anonymous

Alas the answer is simple! They just needed to know how to change the clock for Day Light Savings

Exactly the SAME Lousy as Last Week's Lousy

by Theopholus Punovahl

Your Lousy This Week's Show - although listed as being 11-1-2008 show 200844 is in reality exactly the same as 10-25-2008 show 20843. Your switch to MP3 ain't working with your old web-site Listen To This Week's show templates.

Favorite Moment: Hearing the puzzler again

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