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#0842: The Great Tofte Snowplow Debate

Original Air Date: 10.18.2008

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This week on Car Talk, it's not quite time to break out the Bronco Nagurski long underwear here in Our Fair City. But out in Tofte, Minnesota, Cindy Lou, her husband, and half the county are arguing over how best to orient their v-shaped snowplows. And for some reason we can't fathom, she thinks Tom and Ray may help settle the dispute. She's our Call of the Week. Meanwhile, our Noise of the Week is a groan emanating from Margaret's Chevy Venture-- even when the engine's not running and the key's in her pocket. Is there a ghost loose under the hood? Our Scent of the Week is Eau de Vinegar, coming from the vents of Ed's Mini. Is the source rodent, mineral, or-- dare we say?-- Ed himself? And our Keister Dilemma of the Week comes from Sandra, who just may need to bolt her kitchen chair into her Highlander to get the ride she's looking for. All this, plus a new puzzler from Ray's ballroom dancing series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A ballroom dancing puzzler! The numbers on each set of contestants add up to a perfect square. See if you can figure out the number on Sally's dance partner. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

There are three emergency appendectomies scheduled in One Horse, Nevada-- and only two sets of gloves for the doc. How can she safely operate? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Reasons why Tommy shouldn't be allowed on the radio any longer.

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by Anonymous


by Chevaholic

As a 21 yr veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, in which I served as a heavy equipment operator i can tell you that: 1) if your plow's shoes (the things the plow glides on) are properly adjusted, it will not force your vehicle to the right or left. 2) from a purely safety standpoint the toe (leading edge) of the plow should be closest to the ditch, so that if you are involved with another vehicle, it is forced to its own side of the road. Excellent show, keep up the fine work gentlemen.

Favorite Moment: damn near every one

snow plow problem

by Anonymous

The direction the truck takes is dependent on the weight of the truck on the front wheels versus the applied friction of the plow on the roadway. If the plow is angled to push to the right and the plows friction exceeds the friction of the front wheels on the road the truck will cross the road and end up crossing into the other lane and possibly into the left ditch. This happened to a highway department plow - the truck had posi-traction and when the truck started pushing a lot of snow the front wheels would break loose and the whole works would end up in the left ditch.

buying a cheap car

by Anonymous

in a statement printed on 10-12-08 u guys urged people to buy kia or hondi's. what are you thinking? millions of americans are outa work, retirement is getting iffy, thousands of people-spouses, children & busnesses depend on americans buying american. I tossed the paper after reading your dispicable sellout pitch. people listen follow your many people work for forign car co's that will never get a penny of retirement after 30 or 45 years of service what extra income is their family going to have? think of how many companies don't offer retirement plans-

Favorite Moment: most articles are informative

Signs Tom's too old to be on the radio

Besides the liberal coating of moss.

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