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#0839: The Van Dweller of my Dreams

Original Air Date: 09.27.2008

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This week on Car Talk, Tara in Palo Alto wonders if she's met Mr. Right. He's good looking, he goes to medical school, he eats without too much grunting--and he lives in his 1986 VW Vanagon. Which is where Tom and Ray come in. Is his choice of domicile reason for Tara to lace up her sneakers and run, or just one more point in his favor? Also this week, a mysterious clutch malady at 2,000 feet, another victim of the "essential fuel line flush" pitch comes forward, and one sure way to get a mechanic to do a favor for you--actually, it's a dozen ways, but they're all glazed or jelly-filled. All this, plus a new puzzler from Ray's Grand Theft Auto series, an instant game of Stump the Chumps, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A car was stolen from a dealer's lot not once, but twice. The cops arrested the dealer. What did they spot? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

So, why was the dinner silverware magnetized? Find out!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

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by Jessica

I've lived in my car for a little over a year now. I love it. I don't plan on living in it forever, but I haven't for a moment regretted making the decision to try it out while I'm young. I have an '07 toyota prius. I'm female, college educated and have a job (in public radio) for half the year and spend the rest of the year traveling around the country. I love having the financial freedom and the time to do what I want. It's all about your attitude to vandwelling. Shameless plug, my website is

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by Anonymous

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by CBEverett

a small correction

by Anonymous

You incorrectly referred to his future profession as a Physician's Assistant. The correct title is Physician Assistant. Perhaps it seems to be a small difference yet it's an important distinction to us PAs.

leaking fuel tank pressure

by peterjerome

hola C & C, a female caller had a problem where her gas tank was slowly losing vapor pressure. i believe this occured 3 times, each occurence about 3 weeks apart. her 'problem' was computer diagnosed by 2 computer geniuses (not you guys)as a failure to properly tighten her cap after filling the tank. you guys offered lots of solutions but didn't include the obvious simple explanation for this "the cap itself has a slow leak..." pedro middleburg hts, ohio

Favorite Moment: i have too may favs to list. love your show

The Van Dweller

by TomShedlosky

Your caller shouldn't be too concerned about dating "The Van Dweller." When our sons attended Stanford, one of their friends lived in the football stadium, in the bleachers, for most of one year. Although we were very curious of this at the time, several years have gone by now, and the person that I spoke of is awash in venture capital funds!

A new discovery!!

by rd1949

If I heard these clowns correctly, my rear end (butt) has just been declared a musical instrument with all the capabilities of producing 'refined farts.'


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