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#0836: If He Were Any Stupider, He'd Have to be Watered Twice a Week!

Original Air Date: 09.06.2008

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This week on Car Talk, we get a little help from our hate mail correspondents--specifically, new ways to describe those who are, as we say, "one taco short of a combo plate." Also, two grandmas hand down a couple of headaches: one goes to Zack in Ohio, whose airbag is now being held in place by duct tape, and the other to Staci, whose Buick Century is making a noise audible only to rottweilers. On Stump the Chumps we check in with 82-year old Lillian to find out if her trusty mechanic Bobby really was, in fact, trustworthy. All this, along with everything you need to know about engineers in 60 seconds, a salute to the 4-cylinder engine, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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responding to a story

by parkeru

About that guy whose wife is killing the car . . . You guys did an experiment a long time ago, where you compared operating costs between a new car and a string of junkers. The new car got all the checkups and everything the manufacturer recommended. You never lifted the hoods of the junkers. In the end, though it was close, it was cheaper to run junkers. That guy's wife should be driving a string of junkers.

If he were any stupider...

by bigjohn756

Here's one I made up years ago: If he were any stupider you could wade in his gene pool without getting your ankles wet.

Volvo info

by west-of-la

Pity the poor guy from Simi Valley with the 940 Volvo. He wanted to know aobut the ride. Without a doubt, the springs are shot in his 940. ALL 900 SERIES VOLVOS are have anti-lock brakes. His best bet is to get the suspension updated and turn the car over to his 16 year-old daughter who is learning to drive. They are tanks, they handle well, and are the safest car for a learning driver.

Favorite Moment: The lady from TN with the Town Car. Bring her on at least every week.

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