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#0834: The Pep and His Lincoln: The Truth Comes Out

Original Air Date: 08.23.2008

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This week on Car Talk, a tale from The Pep Files-- specifically, how Tom and Ray's pal, Pepe, finally learned the dark and sordid truth about a mishap that befell his beloved Lincoln-- and the even darker truth about who kept it secret. Also, does a "Do Not Regap" warning on spark plugs count if it's not in all capital letters? Meanwhile: Tommy, the ever-divorced marriage counselor, weighs in on a shifting dispute between a couple who are just weeks away from walking down the aisle. Does he have reason to speak now, before they're joined in matrimony? All this, a puzzler obfuscated beyond Ray's wildest dreams, and what Google has to say about our lousy show, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

No puzzler-- the puzzler is on vacation.

Last Week's Puzzler

No puzzler-- the puzzler is on vacation. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Pepe's story about the dents in the side of his beloved Lincoln Town Car.

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