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#0832: Mechanic Custody

Original Air Date: 08.09.2008

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Forget about the Hummel figurines and Slim Whitman CD collection, this week's encore edition of Car Talk tackles one of the most serious of break-up questions: When love flies out the door, who gets to keep the mechanic? And, would an endorsement from Tom and Ray help or hurt? Elsewhere on the relationship front, should a wife support her husband in an activity that could well acquaint him with the ER? Also, a tale of two trucks: one sends our hosts into Duck and Cover mode, the other into a full-blown existential crisis. And on Stump the Chumps, our contestant is...our very own co-host, Tom? Find out how his big mouth put him on the spot-- again. All this, plus a few follow-up thoughts on the fabled Andy Letter, this week on Car Talk.

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Turning vehicle emissions into diamonds.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

96 chev under dash thumper

by Anonymous

I had the same initial response to the well-documented problem until one of you talked about the possibility of it being a power antenna motor stripped out. I usually yell the answer out before youse guys do, but I don't have the burden of having to be witty and at the same time charming that you have. But this one had even my great genius -mind stumped. And then the magic word- motor- and I slowly(because of my advanced years and over-exposure to automotive chemicals and exhaust fumes) remembered that GM replaced the old and reliable HVAC vacuum operated doors with electric motor/actuator doors. Then, not too much later, when the twitching stopped, I remember having seen many of these door motors replaced due to all kinds of failures including being stripped out. Can't say 100%, but I'm banking on around 30 years of GM experience in and out of dealorships. So? What do you think? Got an extra seat for me? I could be called "Clunk"

bio fuel

by richardsinclair

i don't know which is good which bad on your rating scale. i intended to rate best however i was disappointed that one of your sponsors was the ethanol info assn or some such. i call that irresponsible advertizing as ethanol creates a net loss of petro. i recommend a book "omnivore's dilemma", michael pollan. it clarifies the ethanol complexities

Favorite Moment: when you bring up that "scale" of cleverness


by Unicorn Diamond-Dust


Favorite Moment: EVERY TIME ONE OF THE DUDES SNORTS (I'm not sure which guy it is but I love it!)

Turning Emissions into Diamonds

Too good to be true?  One listener has heard otherwise...

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