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#0831: The Andy Letter

Original Air Date: 08.02.2008

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This week on Car Talk, we answer the burning question: do two people know less than one? Clearly Andy from Vermont has heard our show! Then Brian from Boston has lost a snake in his Camry. Can he get it out before it crawls up his pant leg while he's doing 80 on the highway? And we're revisited by one of our favorite hate mail authors of all time... Melisa Peterson! All that, on this week's slithering hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The puzzler is on summer vacation.

Last Week's Puzzler

The puzzler is on summer vacation.

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Quotes from real-life Dilbert-types in management.

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    Best Cartalk Ever

    Favorite Moment: Andy Letter

    you missed the clue completely

    by Anonymous

    Hey, Guys - I was one of those kids that didn't want to drive. You missed the clues - the guy is an Eagle Scout, honor roll student, chemistry major, etc. It is: Fear of Failure. This kid doesn't want to let anyone down, or worse yet, have an accident where someone is hurt. He is so good at everything else that there is this chance that he might not be as good at this as he would ultimately like to be.It took me until I was 30 before I finally took a behind the wheel test and that was out of necessity. I now am fine, but needed to get a car that handled exactly as I expected it would (no big vehicle that was hard to parallel park, etc.)before I felt comfortable.

    Notes from Real-Life "Dilbert-Type" Managers

    Field notes from the wild corporate boardroom.

    Tommy's List of "Phrases to Live By"

    Years and years of wisdom right here!

    The Return of the Fabled "Andy Letter"

    In which Andy raises the question of whether two people who know nothing can actually know less than one person who knows nothing.

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