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#0829: Max and the Schnauzer

Original Air Date: 07.19.2008

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This week on Car Talk, it's the infamous story of Max and the dead schnauzer. Talk about above and beyond mechanic service. Meanwhile, can Amy convince her husband that she should drive the car? Fake illness of course! Nothing like a bad case of the pukes to put her behind the drivers seat. And Ray shares his tales of weatherproofing his butt. All that on this week's barking good hour of Car Talk.

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Ray's misadventure on the exercise bike.

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Max and the Schnauser

by grammamargo

I loved the whole call, especially Max describing his hapless salesman who was so hungry that he rode his bike into the new car.

Max and the schnauzer

by crispykid1

I was sure that the whole story was a set-up for the old "dead-dog" punchline. I went along with it enjoying the delivery as a joke until the very end when Max offered to put the dog up for adoption, and the guys offered to list it on their web site! The story was real! (Well at least the live schnauzer was real) I would have adopted that little fella myself if I had heard the story when it was told the first time, instead of as a repeat/ best-of summer fill-in.

Favorite Moment: When I discovered that the dog really does exist.

Das ist nicht mein Hund!

by Anonymous

Max's story got better and better. I had to pull off the road because I couldn't drive and listen to it at the same time. Does he have any more tales to tell?


Vincent Van Gogh's Relatives

Unjustly forgotten, every last pun.

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