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#0829: Max and the Schnauzer

Original Air Date: 07.19.2008

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This week on Car Talk, it's the infamous story of Max and the dead schnauzer. Talk about above and beyond mechanic service. Meanwhile, can Amy convince her husband that she should drive the car? Fake illness of course! Nothing like a bad case of the pukes to put her behind the drivers seat. And Ray shares his tales of weatherproofing his butt. All that on this week's barking good hour of Car Talk.

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Ray's misadventure on the exercise bike.

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    Max and the Schnauzer My Eye

    by gc997

    this is clearly a case of the listeners of Car Talk being subjected to fiction and bad fiction at that. to quote my favorite radio personality, "BOOOOOGAS"

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    by argee

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    Vincent Van Gogh's Relatives

    Unjustly forgotten, every last pun.

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