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#0827: Ask Not For Whom the Transmission Croaks

Original Air Date: 07.05.2008

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This week on Car Talk, an expensive lesson: when you get ticked off at your husband, barreling your pick-up into a huge pothole may not be the best response, unless you're really excited about buying a new transmission. Also on the marriage front, two wives face their worst nightmares: Julie learns that her husband may be right about what's causing a small lake to form on the floor of her Accord, and Shauna discovers she may be stuck driving her '87 Camry for a few more years. Plus, a humming Volvo could lead to a chilly Thanksgiving for two brothers-in-law, why you shouldn't trust a mechanic who keeps his boat parked near the garage, and a sweet little van develops a nasty little whine. Finally, find out if our podcast could save a marriage in one easy download. All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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How listening to Car Talk can help save your marriage. Maybe.

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Show Review - 455

by Anonymous

Show Review - 457

by Anonymous

a mindless effort apparently put together by 6-year-olds with severe attention deficit. I didn't think it was possible to actually SEE a vacuum. Your radio program will have to improve several fold to avoid contamination.

never mind

by davidcio

I must br getting old. I did't listen to your answer which to, my chagrin, was correct.

Fantastic Voyage in a car & "Fantasia" effects

by kuz what it should be... about how shit works.

Total Embarrassment

by BuddyPol

Very,very long time lover and admirer of you guys and had to turn the TV show off to control my great disappointment. I don't know how you could have allowed it on the air, presuming that you had some quality control. The writing was worse than juvenile and the story lines were inane, to say the least. My adult son (also a long-time follower) felt similarly and we both vowed never to watch it again.

Favorite Moment: How could there be any FAVORITE? Perhaps you should have asked for the part that was the least terrible!!!!!!

Could it be any worse?

by Anonymous

I can't believe the people at PBS actually let this series air. I'm a big fan of the radio show but just couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of this garbage. After turning off the first episode, I thought maybe I was missing something, so I tried a second time. NO, I wasn't missing anything. the show was missing any form of humor that would appeal to someone over 6 years old.

Favorite Moment: That will be when they take it off the air.

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