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#0826: The Genius of George Carlin

Original Air Date: 06.28.2008

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This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray share some thoughts on the passing of long-time Car Talk Plaza hero, comedian George Carlin-- including a few classic Carlin observations. Then, it's on to the automotive woe and intrigue. (Listener advisory: if you have trouble listening to a grown man cry, beware.) Mark from Colorado's having transmission problems, and it may cost him 700 bucks just to find out that he's gonna have to spend a few thousand more to fix it. Can Tom and Ray rescue his wallet, or is a box of Kleenex the best they can do? Also, a devoted Suzuki Swift owner wonders if his beloved ride is done for, after someone took it for a joyride, IN a warehouse. Plus, a family camping trip comes to a warm and sticky conclusion, and Stump the Chumps welcomes the return of Dino, straight from the Witness Protection Program in Twin Falls. All this, plus we wrap up the puzzler season with an "End of the School Days" conundrum, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How much does the plain omelette cost? See if you can deduce the answer. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What's the probability of being in the same place at the same time of day, on the trip between Los Angeles and Monterey? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Classic observations from the late George Carlin.

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Show Review - 453

by jloduca

chumps blow it once again

by davidcio

I know you are getting old and don't listen to what other people say, but now you don't listen to what you read. Your ansewer to the puzzler from your june 21st show was compleatly wrong. The question was not if you pass the same spot on the return trip, but was do you pass a exact same spot at the exact same time of day on on the return trip as you did on outbound trip.

Comment, July 5th, 2008

by davidwe9

What-ever you two may miss in diagnoses, you more than make up with mutual humor, and modeling that "brothers can work together!" :) I have been a "fan" (not just an air-mover) of your show since the early 90's, when I returned to the college faculty scene: teaching Farm Business to the farmers and ranchers over the State of Idaho. As a musician, farmer, professor and mechanic..., formerly a "3-M Instructor" (Mechanics, Mathematics and Music)I like to match your dianoses with my own! You also helped me keep my sanity during a Master's Degree from Berkeley! In todays' show..., I was a little surprised at your diagnosis of a "problem" when the "whirring sound" came on in an older vehicle, when first starting, or when the engine was at "rest." Perhas I was not listening carefully enough on the "setup!" I have found this a common occurance in late "90's and some 2000 cars" when either a cooling fan or an air-ride suspension system "updated" it's perameters! Older Datsun's and early Nissans also did this with the added, fan blowing over the carb! ;) Anyway, the "humanity" of your show makes your license to be heard on any subject: about as high as it gets! You can afford more lattitude (liberalism) on your mechanical diagnoses, which tends to be extremely conservative by "the law of nature!" May your work-experience in life..., be heard, across ever-increasing boundaries! Much appreciated.

Favorite Moment: Thank you, so much! Identifying with you-two, make "fund-raising projects" so much easier!

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