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#0825: A Beetle is Not a Pinata

Original Air Date: 06.21.2008

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This week, the Car Talk Anger Management Counseling Center stages a much-needed intervention on a frustrated VW Beetle owner. Jennifer's had one repair bill too many, and is seriously considering beating her car to a pulp... and letting other frustrated Beetle owners join in! (for a few bucks a swing). Will Tom and Ray talk her down? Also, a couple shares their marriage vows with a 1961 Corvair with a starting problem, a listener follows our advice (miracles do happen), and two guys succeed in driving their brother crazy. All that, plus a new Puzzler from the Weekend Getaway series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Weekend Getaway series: From L.A. to Monterey and back. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

From the Spring Break series: Which truck will be faster from the stoplight? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Where's My Car? A Car Talk listener follows Tom and Ray's advice. Oh no!

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Show Review - 443

by Anonymous

What can happen when you follow Tom and Ray's Advice

You generally have to run that stuff through a filter first...

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