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#0822: The Easy Way up Mount Everest

Original Air Date: 05.31.2008

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This week on Car Talk, a curious conundrum of car climbs. Mara in New York is having a marital spat over the best way to reach the top of a hill: straight up mountain goat territory? Or a leisurely drive through the meadows? She wants to know which way uses the least amount of gas, and Tom and Ray come to believe that Mara's lost some of her marbles living at high altitude. Meanwhile, Bill in Maine has got two teens itching to get behind the wheel, and three cars up on blocks! For any normal person, it's time to call the junkyard. But Bill's determined to make lemonade out of these three lemons. Alethea's got trouble in Paradise; her handy hubby in Hilo fixed the brakes and now the car's sprouting problems faster than you can say "Pass me a pina colada." Plus, Courtney is looking for a knuckle-dragger with brains for a long-lasting relationship. And Ray gets an invitation to deliver a sermon on Sunday! Can the Apocalypse be far behind? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How can you wait a half hour for your food to come at the restaurant, and still find yourself hungry on the way home? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Some cars have one, some have two, none have three and some have four. What are they?

Show Open Topic

"Hey, watch this!" What happens when a German barbeque goes seriously awry.

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you blew it

by jtmiller

for the Mara mountain segment you somehow managed to avoid asking the one key question: on hubby's route what is the distance to the base of the hill?


by Chickenhen495

Loved this episode!!!

Favorite Moment: The ending caller! This woman could have been me!

The road not taken

by mbloomenthal

According to each spouse's odometer, the two routes to the "summit" are the same distance. (Of course, one or both odometers could be defective.) The caller described her husband's steep route as "straight," but that might refer only to its plan view, as seen from overhead or depicted on a normal map. In section, the road pitch could vary, including a particularly steep portion along with other sections that are of moderate slope, flat or even negatively pitched. This could create the perception of greater overall steepness, even if the average slope of both routes were identical. Since my wife thinks that my theory is boooo-gussss, I'd greatly appreciate an on-air follow-up to this explanation of the Easy Way Up conundrum. By the way, we both love Car Talk, but I love it more, (a revelation which might influence your assessment of which of us is correct)!

The easy Way Up Mount Everest

by Anonymous

I remeasured the two ways and up the big hill is 3.5 miles and the tulip picking way is 3.1 miles. Still not making any difference in which way takes more gas. Let me just say that once my husband heard the show I could no longer say "I never got through." He now goes around the house singing "I was right, I was right!" and I have to live with it.

"Alle, schau zu!" What happens when a German barbecue goes haywire

Courtesy of Der Spiegel... Yeah, don't do this.

On Forgetting the Puzzler

Mama always said this would happen if I listened to too much Car Talk.

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