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#0817: Forgive me Jim, For I Have Torched Thy Camaro

Original Air Date: 04.26.2008

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This week on Car Talk, did you accidentally torch a friend's Camaro? Or, like one of our hosts, did you inadvertently swipe an old lady's birthday cake? Well, good news! The Car Talk Restitution Center is now open for business. Confess your automotive (and non-automotive) misdeeds, and offer to make amends. We'll take it from there. Oh and by the way, Grammy, if you're still out there, Ray's still really sorry--but the cake was absolutely de-licious. Also this week, the sound of a Kia engine destroying itself--we warn you, it's not pretty but since it's not our car, it's also awfully funny. And, when cars start drafting behind a truck to save gas mileage, does the draftee pay the price? All this, more horrifying and pricey noises, from slurping to grinding to thumping, plus a new puzzler straight off of the Delivery Truck series, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A narrow alley, a truck with a dead battery on a cold winter's day. How did they jump start it? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why didn't the vehicle slow down, when it was downshifted on the drive down a steep hill? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Greg's restitution story-- and a restitution offer for our other listeners, too.

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by Anonymous

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by ARDink

KIA Warranty

by JMNsir

Kristie, Atlanta, GA, 1999 KIA Sportage. If she the original owner with only 94000 mile it should still be under warranty. Since KIA, offer 100,000 mile/ 10 year power train warranty. KIA will repair or replace the motor.

The Draft

by jmvand

Not the NFL draft. Cars drafting the trucker. The reduction of turbulence reduces the drag and the amount of energy required for the combination of vehicles to move down the road. There is no net loss or gain of energy. It effectively is reducing the friction of the air. The same thing would be accomplished for the trucker if the trailer had a tapered back end instead of being flat. The trucker would have better gas mileage because the tapered trailer would reduce the turbulence. You wouldn't think that something that happens BEHIND the thing that's passing through air, whether a truck or an airplane could make a difference, but it does.

When cars start drafting behind a truck to save gas mileage, does the draftee pay the price?

by whirligig

No, because the overall air drag will become less as more cars are drafting behind the truck. Less overall drag means less energy require to drive the overall chain of vehicles at the same speed. This is due to decrease of turbulence behind of the truck when a car is drafting behind the truck. An Aerodynamicist could probably verify or dispel what I'm saying.

Apologizing for a Car Fire

Not really sure if it was my fault, but...

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