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#0814: How Many Keys Equal a Mother-in-Law?

Original Air Date: 04.05.2008

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This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray face a marital dispute with very high stakes. Melissa's husband is certain that her over-populated key ring is wreaking havoc on his Accord. If she doesn't do something about it, well, he's threatening the nuclear option: adding his mom to the household. What are the dangers of weighty key rings-- and should Melissa start making mom's bed? Elsewhere, it's high mileage day, featuring Willis, who's already racked up 591,902 miles on his '02 Nissan Frontier. Could a fuel injection cleaning be all that stands between him and a million miles? (Sore butt notwithstanding, that is.) Also, does a 23-year-old Volvo really need a muffler? The answer could help determine one grad student's academic fate. Finally, when detonation is the best option for an aging Toyota, is it time to go new car shopping? All this, plus how *not* to break-in a new BMW, and a new puzzler straight outta the Wild, Wild West, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Two lengths of fuse burn at different rates. Each takes an hour to burn. How can you measure 45 minutes? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The numbers in a mother and daughter's ages are flipped, once every 11 years. It might happen three more times. How old are they? Find out!

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Want a healthy marriage? The woman should marry a guy who's uglier than her.

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Too many keys?

by Ronhart

Come on you guys!! You know that keys and gadgets dangling on the ignition keychain will eventually damage the ignition switch. Replacing the ignition switch can be very expensive. Here's my advice (and what I practice). When I buy a new vehicle I immediately go to a key shop and get a duplicate key made. I put that on a lightweight plastic key fob and use that key for the ignition. I put house and other important keys on the ring containing the original key and the electronic door opener which stays in my pocket. This may seem like a small deal until the first time you lock yourself out of your vehicle with the key still in the ignition! That key in your pocket will save you a lot of money by not having to call a locksmith. Last summer I got out of my truck to put a letter in a mailbox. The engine was still running and my dog stepped on the door lock switch and locked me out. My spare key saved me a lot of embarassment, time and money.

Favorite Moment: When you guys get it wrong!!

Women: Marry a Man Uglier Than You

It's for your own good!  Well, maybe his too.

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