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#0811: Frozen Orange Juice Cans, an E String, and Musician's Duct Tape

Original Air Date: 03.15.2008

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This week on Car Talk, let's say your van starts rattling, and making a scary noise. Your first move is to take it to a mechanic, right? Okay, let's add that you're a struggling musician. Now what do you do? Make a free call to Car Talk and hope for a cheap solution, of course! Fortunately for Dan from Maine, Tom and Ray are ready, willing and able to oblige. His dilemma and their solution are our Call of the Week. Also, the wisdom of Homer---Simpson, that is, a joy-ride that turns into a guilt trip, and on Stump the Chumps, is it vindication or humiliation for Ray? Plus, a new Puzzler question that's a question in its own right. All that and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A phone call featuring a question that never would have been asked twenty years ago. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

From our Lower Math series, Crusty explains why 334,912,749,121,562 is not, and never will be, a perfect square. Find out!

Show Open Topic

The wisdom of Homer. Simpson, that is.

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Fantastic memories

by kkroeger

A fantastic show. I have memories of my Alfa Spider and all of the interesting things that could go wrong. At one point, after too many speed bumps, the exhaust came loose. I didn't want to replace the exhaust so, on a Saturday, I stopped at a muffler place and asked what could be done. After a little discussion, I talked privately with one of the mechanics and asked what could be done. We settled on a case of beer for a little time from him to weld it as long as I left the car for the afternoon. He fixed it perfectly and I never had another problem with that area of the car! (I did check the mileage after the work, and it was not a Ferris Beuler moment, thank goodness!)

Favorite Moment: Fixing the exhaust

Bum advice on exhaust leak

by moodusmike

I really like the show, but don't think your advice to Dan with a bad exhaust flange was particularly helpful. I'll bet that he could just install a cheap split flage on the exhaust pipe and have it last at least a few years...

The Wisdom of Homer Simpson

Insights from the foremost sage of our times.

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