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#0810: Stop Laughing, Kozbi! This Is Serious Business!

Original Air Date: 03.08.2008

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This week on Car Talk, what do you do when your driver door won't open and your passenger door won't stay closed? Well, if you're Kozbi from Maryland, her fix involves a bungee cord and a good sense of humor. Find out if Tom and Ray have a more stable solution. Meanwhile, a Ford Windstar brings out the guys' inner sixth graders, Paul from Leicester, MA, wonders if it's time to feed his truck spinach, and why is Sang in Connecticut taking her Kia on a daily driving tour of greater New Haven? Also, a white knuckle ride to a happy marriage, and a new Puzzler from the wide, wonderful and wacky world of mathematics.

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This Week's Puzzler

Is 334,912,740,121,562 a perfect square? And how does Crusty know the answer? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Lost wages in Vegas. How much money did the broke gambler start with? Find out!

Show Open Topic

From "Cheese Problems Solved" to "Living with Crazy Buttocks," we've got a list of the oddest book titles ever - thanks to Bookseller Magazine.

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Show Review - 337

by Anonymous

Now wait just a gosh darn minute

by tinare

I am Kozbi's Mum. I didn't pick that name...her Dad did. I chose the middle name on that child. :) Brienne just so you know. :) That was good advice you gave her and we appreciate it. can't have my kid flying out of the ecar or getting stabbed by the bungee cord hook. Thanks guys and she does have the best sense of humor. She can light up a room. Gratefully, Her MUM

Favorite Moment: When you laughed with her.

Puzzler Pile of Mail

by Nanette

I have a suggestion of a word you can use for all the mail with the correct answer; ....a plethora of mail! Nanette Gorham, Maine

Favorite Moment: at the beginning , about lost wallets & lost pants!

She's wasn't a Lady of the Night

by esthrm

I don't know anything about cars except where to put the ignition key, but I love your silliness. I might even learn something one day.

Favorite Moment: Kozbi. I just had to look her up an found the following: And a man from the Children of Israel brought a Midianite woman in front of his brethren, in sight of Moses and the entire community, and they engaged in sexual intercourse in front of the Tent of Meeting. Pinchas, the son of Elazar, son of Aaron the Kohen, saw them. He arose from the community and took his spear with him. He approached the man of Israel by the tent and he pierced them both by the tent. The plague in Israel was stopped. (Numbers 25:6-8)... The name of the man of Israel who was killed, together with the Midianite woman, was Zimri son of Saluah, a prince from the tribe of Shimon. And the name of the Midianite woman killed was Kozbi, the daughter of Tzur, the head of the nation of Midian. (Numbers 25:14-15) These were not simple people; both were aristocrats, from leading families of their respective tribes. Rashi points to this fact as an indication of the Midianite's burning hatred for the Children of Israel -- they were willing to send their own daughters into the fray.

Silly Book Titles

by Helen Wallace

You derided the book title "How to Bombproof Your Horse", obviously assuming that it is about protecting our steeds from horse terrorists. In fact, as any equestrian knows, a "bombproof" horse is one who does not easily shy, buck or run away when something startles it.It's the automotive equivalent of having good brakes and a horse can be conditioned to be so.


by BELLAnina88

i love this show. my boyfriend actually got me into car talk. i download them off of itunes and listen to it in my car almost everyday! you guys are HILARIOUS!!!!! im a gal, and only know a bit about cars, but i LOVE cars!! im trying to learn more and im getting pretty good. and i learn alot while listening to this show. its so entertaining!!!!

Favorite Moment: oh there are so many!!

Oddest Book Titles Ever

Some of the oddest, anyway, and a link to others.

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