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#0809: You Know You're a Loser When...

Original Air Date: 03.01.2008

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Does listening to Car Talk automatically make you a Loser? As they say, "it can't hoit," but this week we have a few other signs that it might be time to tattoo that "L" on your forehead, courtesy of the Washington Post. Meanwhile, our Call of the Week features a conundrum: How can you describe a noise that you can't hear? That's the dilemma facing Laura, and it may drive Tom and Ray to the Wheel of Automotive Misfortune for guidance. Also, what are the new rules for breaking in a new car? How many problems can one transmission have? And, for once, Father really does know best. All this, a new Puzzler straight outta Lost Wages, Nevada, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Lost Wages in Vegas.... a man plays at a casino with an entrance and exit fee of one dollar. After gambling for three days and losing half his money each day, he ends up broke. How much money did he start with? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A Field Goal Fiesta is finally answered! Find out!

Show Open Topic

You Know You’re a Loser When... all the telltale signs. (Yes, listening to Car Talk is number one!)

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Show Review - 326

by speedwagon

Show Review - 329

by taylorto

There was a good variety of call - questions, plus stump the chump this week.

Volvo V70

by Anonymous

Have Volvo V70. Found the problem very interesting

Favorite Moment: Call of the week

Very Enjoyable Show

by psr7777

I listened to your show and your advice was both humorous and helpful. I learned a lot about how to fake your knowledge about car problems. Keep on going.


by Tessa_Chan

I am a 13 year old girl who listens to car talk every Saturday and i love hearing you crack jokes about peoples cars( but thats the point isn't it?) it is something i do when i'm feeling down :( and it always makes me laugh.

Comments on Acetane as a fuel additive

by Anonymous

I'm very disappointed regarding your comments about using acetane as a fuel additive. How much effort would be involved to actually test this theory out yourselves? I guess we should all just take the word of the oil companies that this doesn't work!

Interstate safety

by speedwagon

I don't think staying off the interstate highways makes much sense, whether you're in an '88 Civic or a brand new Accord with all the safety features. It's a matter of exposure. There are more accident opportunities on the uncontrolled access highways; the only benefit is that they will probably occur at a slower speed. Otherwise, it would be just as important to have air bags, ABS, etc. because the chances of having an accident are greater.


by arndt

Vintage Car Talk - this show had old cars with wierd problems...I loved it!

Favorite Moment: Laura's mystery noise...I know this woman and she's great...I suspect you could do a whole series of shows about her Volvo...I hope you'll call her back to she if she found the cause of the noises...and ask her about her husband's Jeep!

One of your best.

by Anonymous

Thanks you two, for one of your most entertaining programs. Short on useful advice, long on laughs. Par for the course. Ha ha. I'm setting off from my home on Seychelles tomorrow for a solo world sail and look forward to you clowns keeping me company. Brush up on twin 6,000 hp Cummings diesel engines, I may be calling for advice! Be well, Dr. D'ishana Monige La Dique, Seychelles

Favorite Moment: The Wheel of Automotive Misforture.

You Know You're a Loser When...

Take a hint, will ya?

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