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#0808: Saint Anthony to the Rescue!

Original Air Date: 02.23.2008

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This week on Car Talk, will there be a happy ending to the Great Missing Saab Key Crisis? Sharon from Norfolk, MA is back for Stump the Chumps, to let us know if her "friend" found a new key for under 2,000 bucks. Or, maybe her mom's pleas to a higher authority did the trick? Pssst! Anyone out there looking for a time machine? Have we got a deal for you! Meanwhile, our Call of the Week features John in Colorado, who's bonded with his dad in frustration over how to get the CV joint off his obstinate Civic. Happily, Tom and Ray have some advice that'll save them a few bucks and a few hours of sawing when the next one kicks the bucket. Plus, a Forester owner faces life without 5th gear, a Land Cruiser runs a few cylinders short of a full load, and is an aging rocker's drumming habit enough to set off his airbags? All this, a new Puzzler from the Wide World of Sports, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Ray heads to the wide world of sports, for a puzzler with a curious score. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Just what kind of car takes a 28 ounce water pump? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Amusing ads from Craigslist, including a time machine.

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Show Review - 319

by Anonymous

St. Anthony - Our Hero..

by kiffin9095

Once again Tom and ray have come up with a winning show. From the opening segment all the way to the last portion, the show is entertaining and amusing, not to mention informative. OK, not the entire show was of a high standard (what a surprise!); but from the first caller until the last, the boys never failed to amuse, enlighten and in some cases, insult (!) the callers' intelligences. I highly recommend that everyone listen to NPR's greatest show - Car Talk with Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

Favorite Moment: The highlight of the show was the "Stump the Chumps" sequence, wherein the boys were reminded of the Miracles associated with St. Anthony.

Some People May be Eating

by 607company

We were driving in NYC, enjoying a delicious ew York bagel and vegetable cream cheese and happy to have found your show on a FM station in the City...when lo and behold what do we hear? "You can beat the snot out of it!" one of you said to a caller about a part on his car. Doesn't go well with automotive dining, fellas.

Favorite Moment: Love the calls...get tired of too much time wasted weekly on The Puzzler.

Miracle Man

by Cathy

In the continuing saga of the lost Saab keys, I think you have made a big oversight. The real miracle man, or woman, is he or she who returned the lost keys! The resolution of the plot of this saga is pivotal on this honest person of 2008. Most of all, this behavior need to be applauded and recognized. Just think: while all this rejoicing is going on over the found keys, the finder may be out there listening to your show thinking: "Hey, What about me?! I found the keys! I returned the keys! Won't anyone say thank you to me?!" So, please Click and Clack, won't you say thank you to the finder and returner of the Saab keys. He/she deservers this recognition and America needs to applaud this behavior. (As far as St. Anthont is concerned, yes, he lives in a 2008 body, but that's another e-mail!) Thanks! Cathy

Luther's Garage

by Darcyrn

I reccmmend this garage to everyone! John (the owner and mechanic) is honest and he is reasonably priced.

Everybodys a critic

by 2kidsincollege

I have ben a long time listener since Marconi ( another great Italian) visited the Cape and heard his mother call (Hey Anthony, it's Prince Spagehetti day). Living in the Garden City ( Newton) where we know a lot about alot (just ask us)you guys are Great. Funny, articulate, occaisionally knowledgeable. If I ever buy a car, I might actually tow it to Cambridge. Love the show

Favorite Moment: 1). When you mother calls in on Mother's Day 2) I'm waiting for the day any of your "former" wives call in That wuld be Radio Worthy. By the way, if you use this review, please send the money ( in cash) you promised me C/O Newton ( Our fair Garden City)


by Anonymous

I always enjoy listening to your show, and make it a point to do so weekly. Keep up the good work, gentlemen (And I use that term loosely.)!

Favorite Moment: St. Anthony

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