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#0807: Geographic Undesirability and Other Auto-Relational Dilemmas

Original Air Date: 02.16.2008

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On this week's encore edition, Tom and Ray are called in to referee a tiff between high school sweethearts Kate and Aaron. College has made their relationship long-distance, and Kate's getting tired of doing all the visiting, because Aaron can't bring himself to get a driver's license. Can Tom and Ray get Aaron behind the wheel-- or at least convince him to park his keister in a bus seat every once in a blue moon? Meanwhile, romance is also on the move in Ithaca, New York, where Ted and his fiancee are getting ready to relocate to Alaska. The question is, will his other love, an '87 Ram Van, be able to join them? For those looking to keep their relationship stable, Tom and Ray share the findings of one study. (Hint: the magic phrase is, "Yes, Dear!) Finally, we meet the most polite high school student ever, and hear the culmination of a Car Talk prank that has finally reached its very-nearly bone-dry conclusion. All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The puzzler is on vacation this week.

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The puzzler is on vacation this week.

Show Open Topic

A news item from the Boston Globe: "Marriages endure when the husband does what the wife tells him."

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Show Review - 312

by Anonymous

Show Review - 313

by Anonymous


by amesgang

Your podcast from 2/16 was only 4 min. long. Can you resend it?

Funniest episode ever

by Jon without an H

Several laugh out loud moments.

Gut laughs and good girls

by TRDaggett

I don't always catch the show every weekend but I should because laughing makes you live longer, and this show just added an extra year at least. It felt good to have a bunch of good belly laughs. It was nice to hear that sharp southern girl call you guys "sir" (whether you deserve it or not), and Kate was another young woman that reminds me that the next generation aren't all losers (even though her boyfriend is a wuss who needs a swift kick!j/k). I can't wait 'till the next show. Thanks for being the best part of my week.

Favorite Moment: The most laughs came from the young guy from New York state going to Alaska. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time, it would've been out my nose when you said the 8 passenger van might be full by the time/IF they get there!

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