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#0806: Mr. Heavy Duty and the Clutch that Conquered Kilimanjaro

Original Air Date: 02.09.2008

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This week, a whining clutch prompts Ray to share a story from the Car Talk Hall of Fame--the customer affectionately known as "Heavy Duty." How did "Heavy Duty" earn his name, what made him eventually cry "Uncle," and why may our caller Debbie soon be following in his heavy duty footsteps? Meanwhile, down in North Carolina, Glenn the forlorn bachelor is wondering if his beloved CRX is standing between him and the woman of his dreams. Tom and Ray's mission? Find out if the CRX is the cause--or, maybe just a symptom of something a bit more intractable. Also, the town of Sharon, Massachusetts goes on "Red Alert" over a missing Saab key that just might cost two grand, a windshield impersonates a bowl of Rice Krispies, and a wife questions her husband's dumpster relocation method. All this, a new Puzzler involving a frantic call to the parts shop, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Is there such a thing as a 28 oz. water pump out there, asks one frantic caller to a parts shop. Hear the puzzler and take your best guess! Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Half of Ray's freshman class was smart enough to enroll in Calculus 2. Each section of advanced Calculus had the same number of students. How many sections were there? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Just who's driving this car? Tom and Ray share a favorite joke.

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Show Review - 306

by Bennion

Local Mechanics

by chucklansing

Excellent show especially the part on contacting mechanics in your area

Rumble Strips

by doctedo

I have had the same rumble strip sound that starts at 52mph and ends at 55 mph in my 1998 XK8 (red of course)which in the last 3 years has remained despite trans evaluation as well as: replacing the front end suspension, the timing chain, the MOTOR, the cup holder,and the tires. I've decided when the speedometer breaks I'll always be able to slow down to the legal limit when my catch-me-first car is in the Trooper's line of sight.

Favorite Moment: Dating advice. Nice to see you guys branching out to all aspects of clutches.

I would date the Honda Owner!

by helliott9

I just wanted to say that I am in fact female, and I would date a guy who owns a Honda CRX. My car is another older car that gets great mileage ('94 Kia Sephia), and is nothing special to look at. It's worth the savings on gas though, eh?

parallel universe

by Anonymous

I find it amazing how this week my Honda Civic, which almost never has a problem had a problem. On wednesday, I parked the car in the garage, then later smelled gas in the garage that wasn't there before. I was trying to figure out what it was with the car. I noticed the Gas cap would release pressure when opened and figured there was a correllation to the emissions system and the gas cap was releasing excess pressure. No check engine light came on. I figured there was a clog or stuck valve in the emissions system breather lines or charcoal canister. I couldn't reach the canister nor check the valve. So, I refilled the tank from 1/2 to full, hoped the problem would go away and it did. The smell is now gone. Then to my amazement on Saturday deja Vu happened with your program as one of your callers mentioned almost the exact same problem I had and therefore helped confirm the diagnosis I was looking for and could not find online anywhere.

Favorite Moment: Pressurized Gas tank and emissions problems with charcoal canister, feed valve.

The Best Relationship I Ever Had

by katrina

Tell Glen with the CRX HF that anyone that doesn't like him for his car is an idiot. I had my '88 CRX HF 'til I tearfully donated it in 2004, when 2 trusted mx were cautioning me about he body (of the car) holding up (or not) around me. I always felt the rust was my anti-theft device. I now have an '01 Civic HX, which I also get 50mpg with, and paid 7k for. I am almost Glen's age, single, and an unabashedly treehugging female. Anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my grits. And my Honda's have been the best relationships I've ever had--sturdy, great mileage, low maintenence, and as dependable as it gets.

Who's Driving, Anyway?

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