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#0804: The Shock of Winter

Original Air Date: 01.26.2008

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Break out the Bronco Nagurski long underwear, because we've got a series of cold weather conundrums! Our Call of the Week features Catheryn, whose beloved Civic is giving her beloved hubby a nasty shock every time he gets out. Is it the polyester leisure suits he's wearing? We've got a couple of experiments that may help her figure it out, only one of which may result in jail time. Also on the cold weather front, find out why Stephen in New York can't open the doors on his mini-van. So how's he enjoying omelets for breakfast? And Mike in Indianapolis has just learned how ABS works--the hard way. Meanwhile, we've got two vintage VW owners who may both be headed to Craigslist, plus the answer to the Palindromic Odometer Puzzler, and the winning entry in our "Name the Car Talk TV Show" contest! All that and more on this week's chilling episode of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Crusty and the disengaging cruise control. What did the lights tell him? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The Palindromic Odometer: what were those original numbers? Find out!

Show Open Topic

These horses have no chance of ever winning thanks to their names.

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Shocking husband. Easy problem to solve. $0.00

by gusthewonderdog1

I heard your show today. The segment about the woman from Minnesota and her shocking husband. She talked about how her husband gets a shock every time he gets out of the car. I had the same problem. The way he can avoid this is by placing a bare hand on the frame/body of the car as he gets out. I will grab the door frame or the roof. This grounds me as i get out and i avoid the shock this way. When i forget to do this. I jump the same way!! He does not need to by grounding strips to hang from the car. Just remember to ground himself to the car as he gets out!!

A Better Way?

by Bruce Chorpita

I live in Hawaii (where we never have static) but travel to Minnesota often. When I run on treadmills there, I too get shocked like the caller's husband. Tell him to try this: rather than commuting naked, keep something conductive on himself (like a coin, a metal pen, or a key) and touch that to the car first. I used my stainless steel wristwatch for this--the arc still occurs, but the point of contact is no longer on your body, pain. Or...tell them both to move to Hawaii. Aloha!

Solution to car shocks

by wymana1

I've had this problem too, but there's a real easy solution. Getting shocked depends on if you put your feet on the ground before you touch the car door (frame, or whatever), or vice versa. Do it feet first and you get shocked, but touch the car door before you put your feet out and you don't. Or the other way around, I can never remember. People always tend to do it one way or the other, which is likely why the husband always got shocked but the wife never did. So whatever order he goes in, he needs to switch it, and the shocks will end.

Did you really go to MIT?

by Stevec

Love the show. More of a question than a review. Did you guys really attend, AND GRADUATE from, MIT???;) Keep up the good work.

Favorite Moment: A caller that has never experienced the operation of anti-lock brakes. Hard to imagine these days.

Leaving a baby in a car

by bertram

Under no circumstances should a baby be left in a car. It doesn't matter what season or whether the car is running or not. It is dangerous. Children can be forgotten in cars; they can be taken if the car is stolen. Even if there is only a very small chance of carbon monoxide poisoning it is not worth risking a child's well being.

Same ol' same ol'

by Edwin

Boy, it seems either all your listeners have the same problems, or you guys are full of the same lousy advice! For the last four weeks, it's been nothing but ball-joits and weather stripping! Do you screen calls, and only take "ball-joint-weather-stripping" questions? I remember the good ol' days, with the wheel of misfortune...

Favorite Moment: When Tommy accused Ray of driving naked! I hope he's not hiding a dark secret!

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