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#0801: The All Wheel Drive Jungle Gym

Original Air Date: 01.05.2008

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One bad idea leads to another on this week's encore episode of Car Talk. Our Call of the Week features Charlotte, who decided to liven things up by adopting four kids. For playtime, she's thinking of planting a car in the backyard for them to take apart and re-assemble. Tom and Ray are overcome by visions of alternators landing on chests, but can they dissuade her? Charlotte's not the only one with a bad idea, as our hosts dispense advice involving bungee cords, sledgehammers, and sneaking out in the dark of night to buy parts so the wife won't know. Also, why Car Talk might send Preparation H sales through the roof, a French Horn player takes residence under the hood of an Explorer, and on Stump the Chumps, why's a man's Volvo trying to kill him? All that and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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The puzzler is on vacation this week.

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The puzzler is on vacation this week.

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How Car Talk can help grow gargantuan hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoids on the Increase

Are Tom and Ray the culprits behind it?

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