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#0752: Behind The Grease

Original Air Date: 12.29.2007

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk: ever wonder about Tom and Ray's lives outside the garage? No, we didn't think so either, but nonetheless, a few listeners apparently have some nagging questions. So, this week, the guys answer a few highly personal questions posed by actual listeners. Did they have problems finding dates in high school? What's the worst trouble they ever got into? And, this existential quandary: why the heck don't they look like they sound? (Note: could this be a good thing?) Lest the gearheads among us fret, we've also got plenty of actual car advice - in our Call of the Week, Ace from Florida's got a touch of fire bursting out in his F-150. Meanwhile, could Kevin's T-Bird possibly be making him stupid? Is he just listening to too much Car Talk, or might he be inhaling a little too much carbon monoxide? And, meet Corinne, whose Sentra is going through dipsticks faster than Tommy goes through wives. All this and lots more on this week's Car Talk.

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Listeners ask personal questions of Tom and Ray.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

Six females and three not recognizable as such?

by 1988944

Six females and three not recognizable as such? A little harsh, but OK, assuming Tommy was actually qualified to recognize a female back then. Must've been great for those girls huh? When they'd walk into a room you actually hear the slide rules stop. Anyway, it was a pretty scary show. There is a guy who rolls VW's, and seems to like it, driving his little baby in a ragtop VW bug just a percentile from getting mashed by a Hummer or GMC Suburban. There's a guy who's probably still got toxic CO levels in his blood from a leaky exhaust. And a woman hospitalized after rolling her SUV, with her family inside. Nope, not your typical dead-mouse-in-the-blower problems. Still, you guys made it plenty funny, and that's why I will keep coming back.

Favorite Moment: When Carl Kasell did the news.

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