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#0749: I Found Love in a Ford Fairmont

Original Air Date: 12.08.2007

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Hey guys! Think you need a flashy car to meet the woman of your dreams? Au contraire, piston pusses. This week's Car Talk begins with one woman's story of discovering the man of her dreams in a car that, quite frankly, is an insult to the word "heap." Then, it's time to hit the dance floor with Dustin, who's got a step he calls "The Key Hokey-Pokey." He swears that it's the only way to start his Corsica - but Tom and Ray swear he's nuts. Our Call of the Week features Sara and her Volvo that's singin' in the rain - but this tune's no happy refrain. In fact, it's scaring the entire New York Thruway. Near Anchorage and looking for gas? Perfect! Have we got a deal for you! So what if it's 8 years old? Plus, the high cost of moose-spotting, how to get a Capri ready for its trip to Mardi Gras, a new puzzler that'll have you checking the cash register and scratching your noggin. All that and much more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A counterfeit twenty dollar bill has one clerk scratching his head. Who got the raw end of the deal? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Can you figure out why the scales appeared wrong at the dump? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Finding your true love - thanks to a heap of an old Buick.

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Show Review - 261

by Anonymous

Love a man with a Buick

Another tale of a loveable lug and his heap of junk.

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