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#0748: A Singularly Painful Plural Puzzler

Original Air Date: 12.01.2007

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This week on Car Talk, remember our recent puzzler about the three cars with plural model names? (Ray's answers: Maxima, Spectra and Integra.) You probably do, because you were likely among the thousands of listeners who sent us "Hey, Moron!" email. Hear an official "Mea Culpa, already!" from Raymond himself, so you can step away from the keyboard - please! Meanwhile, our Call of the Week features Trittica, who's suffering a caller's worst nightmare. It's not so much the clunky shifting of her Chevy Venture (singular, mind you) - it's that Tom and Ray won't stop asking about her name long enough for her to tell them what's going on. Also suffering through "Distracted Host Syndrome," we've got Bob from Ohio. He's wondering why his F-150 (also singular) rolled down the driveway when he parked overnight at his neighbor's. The distracting part? Tom and Ray are wondering what it was doing at his neighbor's, anyway. Then, the Washington Post asks its readers to stump us - and they call that a challenge?! And, what's a Dad to do when his family won't ride with him because they're embarrassed about that gaping hole in his Sonata's (yet another singular) dashboard? Nate's thinking: duct tape! But this time, our faithful, sticky silver friend may not be such a good idea - tune in and find out why. All that, plus a new and non-bogus puzzler, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How on earth could a truck gain 40 pounds in a matter of an hour or two? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How do you stop cars from being stolen from a garage, in one very quick maneuver? Find out!

Show Open Topic

The Washington Post challenges its readers to come up with a question that stops Tom and Ray in their tracks. Hear a few of the winners.

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plural correction

by Dean Wolf

My wife says the plural of Spectra would be Spectras instead of Spectrum because it is a proper name and you can't change a name in the english language.

Newspaper readers get Tom and Ray laughing

Washington Post readers try their best to get our humble hosts to laugh.  Do they succeed?  Well...

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